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(Pocket-lint) - Roborock, one of the most popular brands for robot vacuum cleaners, has come out swinging with their massive Black Friday sale! If you’ve been looking forward to purchasing an intelligent, automated vacuum cleaner, you’re probably counting down the days until 26 November. While robot vacuum cleaners are generally pretty expensive, Roborock is offering up to a 42% discount on all of their products, including the S4 Max and E4 Mop.

That means that for around $350 or less you can get some cleaning devices that normally cost way, way more - these deals are too good to miss!

Roborock S4 Max | Was $429.99, now $279.99

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Roborock S4 Max is one of the more affordable robot vacuum cleaners for mid-sized homes. Unlike most of the other Roborock vacuum cleaners, S4 Max doesn’t include mopping features. However, if you’re looking for simple vacuuming capabilities on a budget, this device is perfect for you. It has a 2000Pa suction force, which is more than enough to lift and remove all debris, pet hair, and other forms of dirt.

Furthermore, Roborock S4 Max also includes precision LiDAR navigation to clean even the darkest rooms. You can also save multiple maps and no-go zones for different levels of your home, each of which is controlled by the Roborock app. The app also allows you to customize schedules for every room in the house. This vacuum cleaner can clean up to 300 square meters within 180 minutes.

Noteworthy Features:

  • Low-light LiDAR navigation
  • Multi-floor mapping
  • No-go zones
  • Selective room cleaning
  • Automatic schedules
  • Smartphone app control
  • 2000Pa suction force
  • Automatic carpet boost
  • 180 minutes of non-stop cleaning

Roborock E4 Mop | Was $379.99, now $219.99

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Roborock E4 Mop is a robot vacuum cleaner with mop functionality. This vacuum cleaner is suitable for those with hardwood floors that need simultaneous mopping and vacuuming. The vacuum feature suctions away the dust, debris, and pet hair, and the mopping feature scrubs away the stains and hardened dirt. It features 2000Pa power suction, and it can get underneath beds and sofas to clean all surfaces with ease.

Besides strong suction and mopping capabilities, E4 Mop also includes intelligent navigation and mapping features. It uses intelligent navigation and a z-shape route to clean every area in one go. Furthermore, the device also features infrared sensors and cliff sensors for navigation in low-light settings and to prevent accidental drops. It includes a 5200mAh battery that can clean up to 2152 square feet in one round.

Noteworthy Features:

  • 2-in-1 vacuum and mop cleaner
  • 2000Pa suction force
  • 3.55-inch design
  • Logical route planning
  • Intelligent navigation
  • No-go zones and no-mop zones
  • Z-shape route cleaning
  • Automatic carpet boost
  • Infrared sensors
  • Cliff sensors
  • Anti-tangle main and side brushes
  • Automatic room scheduling
  • App and voice control
  • 5200mAh
  • Automatic battery recharge

Roborock S6 Pure | Was $599.99, now $359.99

RoborockClaim amazing Black Friday discounts on these Roborock vacuum cleaners! photo 5

Roborock S6 Pure is a robot vacuum and mop cleaner with intelligent LiDAR navigation technology. It can clean mid- and large-sized homes with intelligent mapping, infrared sensors, and route selection. You can create multiple invisible barriers, no-go zones, and no-mop zones to automate the cleaning in different parts of your home. This vacuum cleaner can go through 1610 square feet in one round.

Roborock H7 | Was $499.99, now $359.99

RoborockClaim amazing Black Friday discounts on these Roborock vacuum cleaners! photo 2

Roborock H7 is different from all other Roborock products — it’s a cordless, manual, stick vacuum cleaner. Robot vacuum cleaners are great at cleaning floors regularly, but they can’t get the dust on tables, chairs, countertops, and ceilings. However, the Roborock H7 is a stick vacuum cleaner with 3 cleaning modes and a five-stage HEPA air filtration system, making it the ideal accompaniment to one of the aforementioned robot vacuum cleaners.

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While these devices are the ones to check out if your budget taps out around $350, there are plenty of other superb deals to check out, including massive savings on the Roborock S7 and S7+, the S5 MAX, and S6 MaxV, all of which offer unbelievable feature for automatic cleaning in your home.