Best smart lamp for any home 2021: Make your lighting smart

A versatile lamp that'll double as a bedside lamp and mood lighting. (image credit: Lighting EVER Lepro)
An easy and affordable option to bring smart lighting into any home. (image credit: LIFX)
A permanent smart light solution that's subtle and effective. (image credit: TALOYA)
Bridging the gap between lighting and design, Nanoleaf brings a customisable lighting solution to your home. (image credit: Nanoleaf)
Another stylish lighting option that's great for framing and highlighting a room. (image credit: LIFX)
Glow in the dark start stickers meet disco ball makes for a fun smart light. (image credit: Amouhom)
A great little bedside lamp packed full of features that won't break the bank. (image credit: Treatlife)
An Alexa powered kid's light that gives children a bit of customisation in their rooms. (image credit: Amazon)
If you're after a more textured lighting solution and enjoy a flashy looking lamp, then this is a great option. (image credit: ZEEFO)