Best ionic air purifier 2022: Take charge of impurities with these top picks

A versatile, thorough and portable ionic purifier that can fit into any home. 

(image credit: HomeLabs)

Complete air purification and expert control in a neat-sized package.

(image credit: Nobebird)

A smart, effective and affordable way to tackle air impurities and odours. 

(image credit: Trekoo)

Manual ionisation and a HEPA filter make this a must-consider for those on a budget.

(image credit: Silentnight)

A powerful, high-end ionic purifier that's best for large spaces.

(image credit: Ivation)

A purifying powerhouse that's perfect for big homes and offices - if you don't mind shelling out.

(image credit: Blueair)

A top mid-level ionic purifier with plenty of methods for cleaning.

(image credit: Oion Technologies)

A simple-to-operate ionic purifier that drifts from conventional design.

(image credit: PureMate)

A powerful, portable solution that can tackle impurities with discretion.

(image credit: Clarifion)