Best solar motion lights 2022: Discover the new order of outdoor security lights

A smart and efficient outdoor light set that's ideal for bigger homes.  

(image credit: Aootek)

An impressive solar duo that shines and detects best in larger areas.

(image credit: Litom)
An affordable solar motion pair with ample features for most users. (image credit: HMCity)

Budget-friendly and efficient solar lights that add security to your home.

(image credit: Mpow)

An affordable four-pack to fit most homes, albeit without the bells and whistles of other lights.

(image credit: Luposwiten)

Spread the light around your home with this feature-packed four-pack.

(image credit: Litom)

Multiple modes and lights make this a top choice for installing all around the home.

(image credit: Sezac)

Cover more areas with Mpow's affordable and feature-laden four-pack.

(image credit: Mpow)

A basic four-pack that's ideal for grouping together and lighting up gardens and driveways.

(image credit: Neloodony)