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(Pocket-lint) - Globe bulbs allow you to instantly upgrade your home's light fixtures to a more modern look, with plenty of fittings and sizes available for both indoor and outdoor use. 

Like with any kind of bulb, though, there are Type G bulbs to consider and avoid depending on a few factors, such as the size, style, wattage output and, well, just how many you need in your home. 

To help take the stress out of searching high and low for your next set of lights, we've compiled some of the best globe bulbs you can buy - whether you're trying to grab a set of spares for outside or want a healthy four-pack to display the kitchen with a better beam angle - at a range of different budgets.

Best Type G lights available to buy today 

GEBest globe lightbulbs photo 2

GE G25 18-Pack


If you have light fixtures that work best when the bulb is on show, GEs G25 bulbs are an ideal consideration. 

The 40-Watt bulbs pump out 410 lumens, with each designed to last around 18 months (based on three hours of daily use), and make a great fit for kitchens, bathrooms, and, really, any open lamp or pendant with an E26 screw fitting.

Just be aware that the set is incandescent, which, although not wildly more expensive to run per year, isn't as energy efficient as LED.

This 18-pack also allows for a once-off purchase that'll last years, or even light your whole house.

BrightownBest globe lightbulbs photo 3

Brightown G40 25-Pack


Come on down to Brightown, where there are 25 beautiful G40 bulbs designed for both indoor and outdoor use.

The incandescent package is not only versatile in terms of where you can place it, but also in function, with dimmable smarts letting you set the mood with ease and waterproofing allowing you to leave them up in the rain.

Just double-check your fitting is able to host C7/E12 screw bases before you buy. 

Energetic LightingBest globe lightbulbs photo 4

Energetic Lighting G25 Six-Pack


If you want to gain expert control over the lights and have them on show, Energetic Lighting's G25 set is made for you. 

The dimmable, filament six-pack comes with an E26 screw base for easy installation, with the 5W LED power also letting you replace the 60W incandescent equivalent.

It's perhaps not one to place in every room in the house (which is good, because they're not the cheapest out there), but they're still a versatile, long-lasting, and pretty bulb to install.

Paul RussellsBest globe lightbulbs photo 9

Paul Russells G45 Filament Two-Pack


You may just be looking to fill a couple of gaps in your lighting setup, or perhaps want some filament bulbs to show off in your open lamps. If you do, Paul Russells' G45 two-pack might be for you. 

The E14 screw base makes it quite a common fitting and easy installation, while the 25,000-hour lifetime estimate means they won't need replacing in a hurry. 

Just be aware that you won't be able to use these bulbs with dimmer switches - you'll very much be locked into the bulb's 2W LED power (equivalent to a 25W incandescent bulb) and 2700K color temperature.

HansangBest globe lightbulbs photo 5

Hansang G25 Four-Pack


Hansang's four-pack provides a more classic take on the globe style, making it a great pick for those who want the beam angle the design provides but don't necessarily need the lightbulb to be on display. 

In terms of the details, the LED set offers 5W power (equivalent to a 60W incandescent bulb), with each also estimated to run for 30,000 hours before requiring a substitution.

The E26 screw base makes it a common fitting for most households, as well, but be aware that they don't dim - the soft white color is exactly what you get at all times. 

PhilipsBest globe lightbulbs photo 8

Philips LED Globe G93 Bulb


Philips bulbs often don't come cheap, but they do give you a very attractive design - and that's exactly the case with the company's mammoth G93 offering.

Best suited to bathrooms and kitchens with wide lampshades, the frosted LED light offers an E27 fitting with 9.5W of power (equivalent to a 60W incandescent bulb).

With the warm white light's lifespan also averaging around 15,000 hours, it's tough to go wrong if the design matches your shade. 

ComzlerBest globe lightbulbs photo 6

Comzler G25 Four-Pack


Picking up Comzler's G25 LED four-pack is one of the more affordable ways to install a number of globe bulbs around your home. 

It's easy to install, thanks to the common E26 screw base, and the 9W of power (pumping out 900 lumens of light) is equivalent to a 60W incandescent. Even better, each bulb should last for around 30,000 hours.

Just be aware that the color temperature is 2700K, which is a nice 'soft white'.

BRTLXBest globe lightbulbs photo 7

BRTLX G45 Four-Pack


For those just looking for the cheapest way to replace the bulbs around the house with solid-looking G45s, well, look no further. 

This four-pack allows you to replace energy-sapping incandescents (providing you have a B22 bayonet fitting) with a long-lasting, efficient 5W LED - one that the company estimates will last around 30,000 hours.

There are no dimmable smarts here, but the healthy 200-degree beam angle should ensure you receive even light coverage no matter where you place it. 

Paul RussellsBest globe lightbulbs photo 10

Paul Russells G45 Three-Pack


Paul Russells isn't just in the business of filament-style bulb, with this G45 three-pack also available for you to create a more rounded look from your E27 fittings. 

They're non-dimmable, which is a slight downside, but they give you a solid 270-degree beam angle. Just make sure you're comfortable with a cooler 4000K temperature, which is closer to the typical halogen bulb.

As with others on this list, though, that's where the similarities to halogen bulbs end, with this being a much more efficient and long-lasting 7W alternative to 60W incandescent bulbs.

Writing by Conor Allison. Originally published on 2 October 2020.