Best biometric locks 2022: Top fingerprint locks

An easy-to-use and flexible biometric lock, with robust security. (image credit: Master Lock)
Biometric locks cross with the humble doorbell in this unique design. (image credit: Dioche)
With plenty of locking methods, including a very clever digital keypad, the Secure Pro is an excellent fit for all doors. (image credit: Lockly)
A secure biometric door handle that's best suited for workplaces, but is just as good when installed at home. (image credit: Ruveno)
A beautifully crafted lock offering expert smarts and a secure fit. (image credit: Samsung)
A trusty biometric padlock that's prime to replace your non-smart equivalent. (image credit: Beeanna)
A multi-functional smart lock that's great for guest access and offices. (image credit: Ultraloq)
A secure and smart biometric padlock worthy of your fingerprint. (image credit: Cduta)
An excellent, reliable biometric lock packed with security smarts - perfect for offices and homes. (image credit: Ultraloq)
Say goodbye to combinations and keys with this versatile and user-friendly biometric padlock. (image credit: Megafeis)