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(Pocket-lint) - Investing in a top biometric lock can help take your home or office security to the next level, with most requiring a matching fingerprint from people looking to enter a property.

It takes the concept of a regular or smart lock down a different path, with the unrivalled detail of a finger identification often giving users more peace of mind. With that said, there are rarely two fingerprint locks that offer the same features; some will be better for businesses, while others are better for the home or even a gym locker. 

Below, we'll detail some of the best biometric locks at a number of different budgets, letting you pick the one that suits your door and your needs.

Best Biometric Locks in 2022

  1. Ultraloq UL3
  2. Lockly Secure Pro
  3. Cduta Fingerprint Padlock
  4. Samsung SHS-P718
  5. Ruveno Slim Smart
  6. Ultraloq U-Bolt Pro
  7. Master Lock Fingerprint Lock
  8. Megafeis Fingerprint Padlock
  9. Dioche Fingerprint Smart Lock
  10. Beeanna Fingerprint Padlock

Our Top Pick: Best Biometric Lock

Ultraloq Best biometric locks photo 4

Ultraloq UL3


Ultraloq is arguably the biggest name when it comes to dedicated biometric locks, but it has plenty more security features for you to play around with than just a fingerprint scanner.

Waterproof, ready for the outdoors or indoors, able to fit onto most standard doors, the battery-operated UL3 gives you plenty of options when it comes to locking and unlocking. The fingerprint function can store up to 95 prints at one time, while users or guests can also open the door with a code or a standard key. 

The lever is even reversible, which means it can neatly fit onto left-handed or right-handed doors.

Lockly Best biometric locks photo 12

Lockly Secure Pro


Lockly has plenty of smart locks for you to explore, but the Secure Pro, in our view, provides the best mix of features without getting overly expensive.

Like others, the core of the lock is built around its fingerprint sensor, which can detect and store up to 99 unique ones. If the fingerprint isn't your preferred choice of unlock, though, there's also the digital keypad - one that cleverly mixes up the location of the numbers to help avoid code identification by strangers. 

If all that fails, there's still the option to lock and unlock with the companion app, or with a physical key, as well.

Since it's a deadbolt replacement, it's also relatively easy to set up, fitting both left and right swinging doors.

Cduta Best biometric locks photo 7

Cduta Fingerprint Padlock


You might not require biometric smarts for your front door, and instead just want something to secure a cabinet or gym locker. Enter, Cduta's fingerprint padlock.

No longer will you have to remember a four-digit combination or where you left your key, with the padlock simply requiring your print. The rechargeable lock is able to be unlocked roughly 3,000 times from a 90-minute charge and can also hold up to 20 prints at one time. 

For those concerned about the lock's safety, the company indicates the body is made from a zinc alloy, while the stainless steel shackle should make it resistant to cuts, thieves, dust, and erosion. 

Samsung Best biometric locks photo 5

Samsung SHS-P718


When it comes to security, you want a name you can trust - and Samsung gives you that with its SHS-P718, a multi-functional biometric door lock with a beautifully modern design.

Users are able to load up to 31 codes and 100 fingerprints, with the automatic-locking unit also fitting doors with a thickness of 40mm - 80mm. 

It's certainly not as simple to set up as deadbolt smart locks, and it's also very pricey when compared to rivals, but once it is you'll be able to enjoy plenty of security features, including silent and 'away' modes,  low battery warnings, the emergency power reserve and even prank detection. 

Ruveno Best biometric locks photo 13

Ruveno Slim Smart Fingerprint Door Lock


This biometric door lock gives you much more than just a fancy fingerprint function, also throwing in unlocking methods through the Bluetooth app, password, card, physical key, or over Wi-Fi. 

All in all, the lock can detect up to 200 prints, 150 passcodes, and 200 cards, making it a very viable solution for offices.

Like other biometric mortise locks, it will require a bit of a tougher installation than deadbolt options, though the only additional maintenance required after installation is the battery change, which the company estimates will be every 5,000 - 6,000 uses. 

Ultraloq Best biometric locks photo 2

Ultraloq U-Bolt Pro


Ultraloq's U-Bolt Pro is one of the most comprehensive smart door locks around, pairing fingerprint scanning with five other methods of security.

Not only is it able to store up to 120 fingerprints at once, but it can also provide users with locking/unlocking functions through a smartphone, anti-peek keypad, key, or auto-unlock.

For those who want to easily share access, it can even temporarily grant entry for specific dates and periods of time. 

Master Lock Best biometric locks photo 10

Master Lock Fingerprint Lock


The Master Lock Outdoor Biometric Padlock can save up to 10 different fingerprints (two primary users plus eight others) so your whole family can use it.

It's powered by a standard button battery which should last around a year - you're alerted with the power is low. You can use a directional system on the lock to enter if you need to, which is also used for the initial setup. 

Naturally, it's attack-resistant with a double-lock and zinc casing, similar to the remainder of Master Lock's vast padlock range. A robust cover is designed to protect the lock against the weather.

Megafeis Best biometric locks photo 3

Megafeis Fingerprint Padlock


Ideal for gyms, cabinets, and just about any place you would usually secure with a padlock, Megafeis' biometric equivalent is ready to add a more advanced level of security.

The rechargeable lock supports around six months of standby time (or 2,500 unlocks) from a single charge, connecting to the user via Bluetooth, which is also where up to 15 fingerprints can be registered.

With an IP65 rating, it's also weatherproof, and, while the company doesn't recommend leaving the lock for long periods in rain or snow, it can easily handle temporary periods securing bikes or sheds, for example.  

Dioche Best biometric locks photo 9

Dioche Fingerprint Smart Lock


It may look slightly different from the other locks on this list, but Dioche's take on biometric security is both versatile and reliable.

It offers a variety of unlocking methods, including the standard fingerprint scanner, anti-peek passcode, ID card, and will also alarm and lock up for several minutes if someone enters an incorrect password five times in a row.

Interestingly, this is one of the few biometric locks that also builds in a doorbell function, allowing someone on the outside to ring the bell for access.  

Beeanna Best biometric locks photo 6

Beeanna Fingerprint Padlock


Like other biometric padlocks, Beeanna's lets you throw away the key and forget the combination, relying only on your trusty fingerprint for access.

Up to 20 can be recorded at one time, with the rechargeable battery able to last for roughly 3000 uses, and can still provide up to 50 uses when running low. 

For those concerned about security, the company also notes that the zinc alloy case and stainless steel ring should remain scratch-resistant and thief-proof.

Writing by Conor Allison.