Best flood lights 2022: Light up the night with these top selections

A super simple, really affordable flood light fitting. 

(image credit: Lithonia)

A good light with built-in motion sensing as well. 

(image credit: MEIKEE)

A solid, simple set of flood lights that will get the job done. 

(image credit: LUTEC)

A great floodlight with motion sensing for easy use. 

(image credit: Amico)

A great set of lights if you want a splash of color. 

(image credit: Melpo)

A really bright light that outshines much of the competition. 

(image credit: SOLLA)

A powerful, bright light for those who want more power. 

(image credit: Stasun)

These lights are solar-powered to save on electric bills. 

(image credit: LITOM)

Great for smaller spaces, this is a solid small light. 

(image credit: LE)

For those with a bigger budget, this could be a good choice. 

(image credit: Samuyang)