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(Pocket-lint) - Having the wrong lights can really upset the balance of a room - if they're too bright you might feel like you're being interrogated, whereas too dim may leave you struggling to see your family's faces from across the room.

Thanks to the magic of dimmable LED light bulbs and switches, though, you no longer have to settle for brightness on either end of the spectrum. The best dimmable bulbs will let you gain expert control over the light in your home with ease, all while remaining wildly more energy efficient than their halogen or incandescent counterparts. 

Before getting started, it's important to know what type of bulb is right for your fittings, but, for everything else, we'll act as your guiding light and detail some of the top LED bulbs you can dim.

Now, let's complete your home's glow up. 

Best dimmable LED light bulbs to buy today

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Great Eagle LED A19


This six-pack of Great Eagle A19 dimmable bulbs is ideal for kitting out light fixtures around your home, useable in floor lamps, ceiling fixtures, and everything in between. 

The bulbs come in four different sets - warm white, cool white, soft white, and daylight - offering 15W power that's perfect for replacing 100W incandescent and halogen bulbs.

Naturally, you'll be able to adjust the brightness of the bulb, providing you have a compatible dimmer switch, with Great Eagle suggesting you save 87% in energy usage over a 100W equivalent. 

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Philips Hue LED B22 smart bulb


It may not be the most affordable solution, but Philips' Hue LED Bluetooth bulbs are certainly the smartest. 

Available in a variety of fittings - not just B22, but also E14, E27 and GU10 - the biggest benefit of this connected bulb is that you won't require a dimmer switch for it to work.

By downloading the Philips Hue Bluetooth app and syncing up your bulb, you can control the brightness directly from your phone.

If you upgrade your smart home by picking up the Philips Hue Hub and perhaps a smart speaker, you'll even be able to control the brightness through your voice. What a world. 

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Ascher Dimmable E26 LED Edison Bulbs


If you're looking to employ more of a retro feel around your house, Ascher's Edison bulbs are just the ticket. 

Operating at 6W, and therefore offering a more energy-efficient alternative to 60W incandescent bulbs, each individual bulb in the E26 four-pack is able to last up to 20,000 hours. 

Providing they're compatible with your dimmer switch, you'll also be able to take advantage of different light levels at any time, with 100% brightness pumping out 700 lumens. 

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AmazonBasics LED E27 Edison Screw Bulb


AmazonBasics has you covered with this pair of E27 LED Edison screw bulbs, giving you an affordable way to get in on the dimming action. 

The 14W bulbs are equivalent to a 100W incandescent, meaning they require roughly 80-90% less energy to run at the same rate.

The 2700K temperature rating also means you should receive a warm glow around the house, with the maximum brightness giving you 1521 lumens. 

Since they're also designed to last around 15,000 hours, you won't need to replace them any time soon, either. 

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Philips LED Dimmable BR40


Philips is well-known for its range of smart bulbs, but it does still offer non-connected, energy-efficient LEDs to help fill out your rooms, too.

The 9W six-pack is equivalent to a 65W incandescent or halogen bulb, with Philips also indicating these BR40 fittings (note: the bulbs will also slot into E26 medium screw bases) last ten times longer, thanks to its 25,000-hour life cycle. 

Unlike plenty of other dimmable bulbs, these are also designed to remove flicker when altering brightness, should you have a compatible switch. 

They are more expensive than other options on the market, but, considering the brand and performance, it's worth the peace of mind. 

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Philips LED GU10


If you need an affordable way to fill the spotlight fittings in your house, Philips' GU10 dimmable bulbs are the perfect solution.  

Naturally, these are much more affordable than the Philips Hue equivalents, though you will of course need a compatible dimmer switch to adjust the brightness of this three-pack. 

Even better, the dimming technology works to give you both a white and warm light - the more you dim, the warmer things get - with the 5W power equivalent to 50W non-LED alternatives. 

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GE Relax 4-Pack


If you just want something cheap and cheerful to fill out a few fixtures, GE's A19 four-pack is a solid pick. 

The dimmable pack offers 8W bulbs equivalent to 60W incandescent and halogen bulbs, pumping out brightness at a maximum of 800 lumens.

It certainly sits more on the 'warm' end of the spectrum, rather than straight white, with a Kelvin rating of around 2700K.

If you don't want to overthink your decision too much, or you just to convert to all LEDs on a budget, these are definitely the pick to consider. 

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AmazonBasics LED B22 Bayonet Cap Bulb


AmazonBasics hasn't just got you covered with standard E27 LEDs, it's also here to provide the same dimmable package for B22 bayonet fittings. 

The package is slightly different, though, which is why it's good to consider your light fitting for each room. Here, you'll get a 9W bulb (equivalent to 60W) that will provide 806 lumens at full brightness and offer a warm temperature of 2700k.

Of course, you'll need a compatible dimmer switch to dim and brighten this six-pack, but once you're all set up Amazon indicates the bulbs should last for around 15,000 hours. 

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Ascher Dimmable E26 LED


We're already big fans of Ascher's Edison bulbs, but the regular E26 filament LEDs are a better pick for those who want a more traditional bulb shape.

This six-pack is available in two variations - a 2700K warm set or a whiter 4000K pack - with the 6W bulbs offering the equivalent of 60W.

Each bulb will have a life span of 20,000 hours and can be dimmed all the way between 0-100%, with the brightness topping out at 750 lumens. 

As with other filament designs, these are great solutions for feature lamps, hallways, and more. 

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Bonlux E27 Screw


Mix things up from regular bulbs with this filament beauty from Bonlux, giving you a retro look with the dimmable smarts you crave.

Suitable for E27 bases, each of the bulbs in this six-pack is able to kick out 800 lumens at full brightness while maintaining their 8W power consumption (equivalent to 60W incandescent bulb).

They're also long-lasting, with Bonlux indicating the life span for each bulb is 35,000 hours, and offer a warm white of 2700k. 

Writing by Conor Allison.