(Pocket-lint) - Whether you call it a string trimmer, weed wacker or something else entirely, it's essential to rid your garden of overgrown areas that are sometimes difficult to reach. 

Since the humble lawnmower can only really handle open areas of the lawn, picking up a trusty strimmer can help refine the borders along your fence, snip the turf under decking and handle all the tight spots of the garden.

However, weeding out the duds on offer is more difficult than you would think, which is why we've rounded up some of the top options for those looking to add this handy tool to their arsenal of garden equipment. 

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Black + Decker LSTE525


If you're in desperate need of a string trimmer but crave some versatility, Black + Decker's LSTE525 is an ideal pick. 

First and foremost, it can handle the weed wacking with ease. The cordless design provides plenty of torque, and you even have the ability to advance the line with the push of a button (meaning you won't have to use the old bumping trick).

Two speed control lets you switch between adding more power or increasing your run time, with it also converting to a wheeled edger once the weed munching is complete.

The multi-purposing doesn't end there, either, with the 20V Black + Decker Power Connect battery included with the string trimmer also able to fit into the company's wide range of power tools and garden equipment. 


Worx GT 3.0 WG163.8


Worx's GT 3.0 lineup can be bundled in a number of different ways, but, in our view, the company's cordless string trimmer paired the 20V battery and quick charger is the one to consider.

In truth, it offers a remarkably similar package to Black + Decker's LSTE525. You get the same ability to share your 20V battery across much of the company's range, as well as transforming it into an edger.

Again, there's no bumping required here to extend the spool - this can instead be done with the touch of a button -  and the shaft of the strimmer is also adjustable, extending out for taller users and telescoping back in for easy storage. 


Black + Decker BESTA510


If you're less about the multi-purpose batteries and cordless design, Black + Decker's BESTA510 is likely a much better pick.

Able to handle weed wacking duties and be turned into an edger, this 14-inch wired strimmer allows you to put the finishing touches on lawn, borders and flower beds - albeit without the ability to mix up your speeds. 

What you can adjust with the touch of a button, though, is both the length of the shaft and the string.

So, all in all, this is a great pick for occasional gardeners and those on a small budget that are happy with something a little more basic.


Greenworks 13-inch string trimmer


If you're after something that can tackle your garden for longer, Greenworks' 13-inch cordless weed wacker should be high on your wish list. 

While most traditional 20V batteries will give you around 15 minutes of continuous use, that may not be enough for bigger gardens. So, instead, the 40V Greenworks option will provide you with roughly 30 minutes, with the battery also able to be switched into other garden tools from the brand. 

The automatic line cable adds to the efficiency further, with the head of the strimmer also able to pivot into different positions to allow for edge trimming. 


Black + Decker 18V string trimmer


Black + Decker's 18V strimmer comes with all the typical bells and whistles, making it a great choice for those who want some versatility. 

The wire-free design is excellent for those with bigger gardens, and two power modes help the user gain speed and power for quick trims and also shift things to a power saving mode for extended tasks.

To help avoid the typical bumping technique to extend the string, this model also comes with an automatic line feeder. And for those who want to finish off their lawn edges the right way, the head can also be positioned to handle edges with plenty of torque. 

Like plenty other Black + Decker strimmer models, the 18V battery can even fit into other power tools and garden accessories. 


Ryobi OLT1832 18V string trimmer


Ryobi's OLT1832 gives you all the typical string trimmer mod-cons, making it another top choice to consider. 

It's all about giving you control over the action, with an adjustable cutting width (either 25cm or 30cm), changeable handles and a pivoting head for finding the best angles. 

The 18V battery doesn't come included in this particular bundle (though it is available to buy sparately), and once you pick one up to run your strimmer it can also be used to power other Ryobi tools. 


Flymo Contour 500E


Flymo has a total of five string trimmers in its current collection, but, in our view, the Contour 500E gives you the best mix of features and affordability. 

Like many other modern whipper snippers, this model doubles up to help you tackle edges properly, with the head able to easily tilt over onto the side-wheel.

Plants and trees are also safe, thanks to the dedicated guard, with the handles and telescopic shaft able to be adjusted to fit the user's height, too. 

It will require you to negotiate a wire while you finesse your garden into shape, but the trade-off is a much more competitive price tag.


Terratek Cordless Strimmer


The Terratek Cordless Strimmer mixes things up from traditional designs and instead opts for blades over string.

In this great value-for-money package, you're given 30 spare blades to whip around your device and provide a 25cm cutting diameter, as well as a pair of 18V batteries to ensure you never run out of juice for the job.

To give added control, the head is also able to adjust to help with cleaning up edges, while the telescope-style length can also be changed to fit the height of the user.  

Writing by Conor Allison. Editing by Dan Grabham.