(Pocket-lint) - If you're looking to get some outdoor lighting set up, whether for your yard or porch, you might be running into a familiar problem - power!

It can be pretty difficult to find ways to run power cabling however far you might need it to go, in order to power the many models that require electricity to work. However, for quite some time there's been a great way around this problem, one which is also good for the environment - solar lights. 

These use small solar panels to charge themselves up during the day, before working as you need them once it's darker. They're super useful and easy to set up, which is why we've gathered this list of some of the very best ones out there for you to consider. 

The best solar-powered lights to buy today


Ring Solar Pathlight


Ring has got an entire ecosystem of smart devices to make sure that your home is secure, but perhaps its most modest device is this simple path light. 

It's dead easy to set up, and can integrate really nicely with motion sensors and other Ring products, but even if you just use it as a nice solar light it's decently priced and solidly built, which makes for a really great package. 


Kilponen Solar Garden Lights


Sticking with the security theme, these weather-resistant solar lights from Kilponen are absolutely superb if you're looking for motion-sensing spotlighting that doesn't need power.

They're super bright, but not so harsh as to make your yard feel like a small business or anything. They're also nicely reliable and easy to set up. 

Signature Garden

Signature Garden 6 Pack Solar Garden Lights


If you want a bit more of an easy-going look for your solar lighting, and also want a bunch of bang for your buck, this six-pack will set you up nicely.

Its path lights can easily be staked into the ground and then set to come on at dusk, turning off again at dawn using light sensors. They're dead easy and weather resistant, too.


Trueflame Mini Solar Torch Lights


If you're on the lookout for solar lighting that is a bit more classy, and might be better for a garden party or barbecue, check out these great faux-flame stakes. 

They're as easy to use as the other path lights above, but with a great flame effect and a more intricate design they're just a cut above on the aesthetic side of things. 


Mpow Motion Sensor Security Lights


Our final option returns to the realm of more practical lighting, and is another really great altnernative to the Kilponen lights feautred earlier.

Mpow's lights are more affordable, if ever so slightly less bright, and also have motion sensors for automatic turning on. 

Writing by Max Freeman-Mills.