Best standing desk 2022: Excellent work tables for upright productivity

If you're after a motorised desk, look no further - the Flexispot EQ4 is one of the best standing desks we've seen.

(image credit: Flexispot)

Uplift is a big name in standing desks, and with good reason. 

(image credit: Uplift)

If you've already got a good work surface, why not make it better with this variable desk addition?

(image credit: VariDesk)

We like the finish on this desk, which is light and modern. 

(image credit: Fully)

Another great variable desk, this might not stand out on design but is really efficiently built. 

(image credit: iMovr)
If you like a bit of tech and want your desk to be electric, then it's hard to pass up the chance of owning this Monomi standing desk. (image credit: MONOMI)
With an attractive top, electrics that reliably move the desk up and down, and style to boot, this desk from Vari is worth a look if you have the budget. (image credit: Vari)
This desk is attractive for the price, even though it doesn't feature the best materials. It isn't super large, which can better fit some people's rooms. (image credit: FEZIBO)
A budget-friendly desk that comes in a number of sizes and finish options. (image credit: Flexispot)
If you're in the market for an analogue standing desk that is very budget-friendly, then look no further. (image credit: DEVAISE)