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(Pocket-lint) - As more and more of the world gets used to working from home much more regularly, many of us are starting to realise just how ill-equipped our homes can be for it. 

We've already taken a look at some of the best office chairs you can find on the market, to help you sit with a great deal more comfort, but in an ideal world, you'll want to pair your choice of seat with a proper desk.

These come in all shapes and sizes, and of course, some of them come in greatly varying heights, but we've gathered a range of options that should contain something that's right for everyone.

Our guide to the best home office desks to buy today

UpliftBest desk for 2020 Superb work tables for home offices image 2

Uplift V2


Uplift's desk is a bit of a marvel, and has attracted rave reviews from all corners - but we should clarify straight away that this is, as it might sound like, a standing desk. Or, rather, it's a variable height desk, motorised for easy adjustment. From our point of view, standing desks are great, but we're not convinced that it'll suit most people to have one that's fixed at standing height.

Rather, being able to easily and reliably adjust, whether because we can't stand all day or because different people in the house have different height requirements, is the sort of feature that you get used to quickly and then can't do without. Uplift's desk is really well made, has loads of customisation options to make it your own, and is well-priced within an expensive market, seeing it take our top spot. 

Office HippoBest desk for 2020 Superb work tables for home offices image 3

Office Hippo Heavy Duty Rectangular Desk


If you're not won over by the idea of standing to work, though, or you've tried it and it's not for you, it's entirely fair enough to seek a desk that's a bit more simple. Office Hippo obliges with this nice, straightforward desk. It's available in a range of woods and finishes, to help it blend in wherever you're imagining it, and is really nicely priced. 

It's also a fairly big desk, but you can choose between a range of sizings to make sure that it can fit where you need it. While it's a little corporate, if you're creating a home office there's nothing wrong with a workspace that looks a bit more formal. 

IKEABest desk for 2020 Superb work tables for home offices image 4

IKEA Idåsen

When you're talking about furniture there's no ignoring IKEA, and it's also got a superb option for those who want a variable-height desk. The Idåsen is a lovely desk, and actually a really close challenger to Uplift's V2. We arguably prefer its looks, and the fact that it can change its height nice and easily is a huge boon.

It's priced really similarly but has slightly fewer extra touches - while there's some cable management help, it's not quite as easy to make a configuration that's perfect for you. Still, this is a real contender.

John LewisBest desk for 2020 Superb work tables for home offices image 5

John Lewis Calia


Desks don't have to all look uniform and official, though, as showcased by this lovely, solid table unit from John Lewis. It's a much more unique look, and we really like how chunky and wooden it is. Plus, unlike the other choices above, it's got some desks for organisation and storage, which are a welcome addition.

That said, you'll pay for the nice design and classy materials - this is our most expensive pick despite not having and adjustability, so it's really going to suit those who love its look. 

IKEABest desk for 2020 Superb work tables for home offices image 6

IKEA Arkelstorp

We return to IKEA's extensive range of options for our final pick, for a less expensive desk that we really like the design of. The Arkelstorp has a couple of draws on one side, which is useful, as well as a colour scheme that can be really nice and subtle, bringing out the wood of its top surface.

It's roomy and nicely proportioned, and offers up plenty of space to work at, making it a great pick if you've not been won over by any of the units so far.  

Writing by Max Freeman-Mills.