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(Pocket-lint) - Cleaning - there's no escaping it unless you're happy to live in an ever-increasing amount of grime. Personally, we'd rather not, which is where a good, reliable vacuum cleaner comes in. You might have to scrub surfaces and wipe down showers, but for most flooring, it'll do the job of clearing dust and dirt to get your home clean in a jiffy. 

We've compiled a list of specifically cordless options elsewhere, but if you're looking for exclusively upright models, we've got another list right here, bringing together some of the very best upright vacuums on the market. 

Our pick of the best upright vacuum cleaners to buy today

DysonBest upright vacuum cleaner for 2021 image 5

Dyson Ball Animal 2+


Dyson has long been the most premium and impressive name in vacuums - its prices are matched by its drive to innovate, and this was very much obvious when it started using ball-shaped navigation units in its upright vacuums some years ago. The Ball Animal 2+ is a super powerful unit that will power through your vacuuming chores. 

It's also getting slightly harder to find, as Dyson has moved away from uprights toward handheld models, but if it's in stock this is still a great, reliable model. It's got that distinctive Dyson look, and the huge suction to match it. 

VaxBest upright vacuum cleaner for 2021 image 4

Vax AirLift Steerable Advance


If you're not looking to spend quite so much, Vax has a really excellent alternative to offer up in the form of the AirLift Steerable Advance, which comes with the added bonus of being a lift-out model, letting you detach the main suction unit to carry it around in case you have any hard-to-reach areas to vacuum. 

A range of attachments mean that it's a great package for cleaning a home with varied surfaces and areas, and perfect for a family that might occasionally make real grimy messes. 

BoschBest upright vacuum cleaner for 2021 image 6



Cordless operation with a 60-minute battery life elevates this Bosch vacuum, which is priced pretty extravagantly but brings excellent suction and cleaning to the table, regardless of what type of surface you use it on. 

It's also super light and easy to use and move with, which is key when you're cleaning, and it's a doddle both to remove the bin for emptying and the front brush to make sure it's not clogged. 

SharkBest upright vacuum cleaner for 2021 image 2

Shark NZ801UKT


Shark has a whole heap of vacuums to choose from, but this cordless model is one of its most powerful, and features a lift-away design similar to the Vax model up above. That makes it really easy to for different jobs, while keeping the core functionality of an upright.

Suction is impressive, and it has Shark's hair-resistant technology on its brush to make sure that you're not having to constantly clean out tangles of hair, which is perfect for pet owners or those with multiple long-haired people in the home. 

GtechBest upright vacuum cleaner for 2021 image 3

Gtech Mk2 AirRam Cordless


British tech company Gtech rounds out our list with the Mk2 AirRam, a fairly aggressive name for a really nice product. There are some really nice touches in its design, including its ability to nearly flatten out to get under furniture.

It's also got a really smart feature on its dustbin letting you slide all the detritus out without having to tap or bash it against the bin, and is completely cordless, with its battery offering up around 40 minutes of cleaning time. 

Writing by Max Freeman-Mills. Originally published on 4 May 2020.