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(Pocket-lint) - Damp and excessive humidity levels can have a negative effect on both your home and your health, but you can combat the issue with a top dehumidifier.

Whether you're struggling to dry clothes inside, want to reduce mould spores appearing on walls or just generally want to bring down the humidity levels around the house, there's a dedicated dehumidifier for the job.

These units work by sucking warm air currents out of the air into refrigerated, internal coils, which then forces these particles to contract, leaving behind condensation to collect inside the tank. Drier air is then fed back out of the machine.

It's a beautifully straightforward process, and your only input is turning it on and emptying it when the tank is full.

Size, though, and also price, can vary quite dramatically in the world of dehumidifiers, so it's essential to consider the space you're trying to control and just how much you're willing to spend.

With all that in mind, you're ready to discover some of the top options in the space.

Best dehumidifiers available to buy today

MeacoBest dehumidifier for 2020 Keep damp at bay at home image 5

Meaco MeacoDry ABC 12L


Meaco has a range of great dehumidifiers to pick from, all of which offer good performance and really solid value, but our top pick goes to this 12 litre option, which is both powerful and efficient, making it a great model all round.

It's also got a nice, clean design that won't make it an eye-sore in your home, and will power through 12 litres a day of water in the air, if it can find it. It's also, importantly, the quietest model in Meaco's whole line, which you'll be thankful for when it's up and running. 

ElectriqBest dehumidifier for 2020 Keep damp at bay at home image 1

Electriq CD12LE Pro


We like the futuristic design of this model from Electriq, which also brings solid performance to the table to match its looks. Like the Meaco above, it's impressively quiet in use, meaning that it could well work for many people even if they're sleeping in the same room.

There are also timer functions and a filtering system to trap airborne particles, giving it a few extra tricks up its sleeve, too.

EcoAirBest dehumidifier for 2020 Keep damp at bay at home image 3

EcoAir DD12


If you're looking for a smaller unit, this one from EcoAir has a seven-litre tank to shrink down the overall form-factor. Its main selling point is its extremely quiet running noise, too, which makes it perfect for those with sensitive ears.

That said, you'll be paying roughly the same amount as the models above for a less powerful machine with a smaller capacity, which is something to bear in mind if you opt for it. 

InventorBest dehumidifier for 2020 Keep damp at bay at home image 4

Inventor EVA II PRO


On the other end of the scale, if you want a huge capacity, this model from Inventor can take 20 litres of moisture each day, although its tank is only 3 litres worth, so that will mean you emptying it regularly. 

It's also not the prettiest to look at, in our opinion, showcasing itself as a necessity rather than a luxury household item. Still, for the price you do get impressive power and performance. 

NobebirdBest dehumidifier for 2020 Keep damp at bay at home image 6

Nobebird Portable Dehumidifier


This is one of the smallest models on our list, from Nobebird, which has a nice little single litre tank, but is genuinely portable and easily moved around. That makes it a great choice for a bedroom or small room, or for a student whose digs maybe aren't quite up to scratch.

It won't power through more than 500ml of water each day, but that's a pretty decent dent in some damp, and certainly better than nothing. Plus, of course, it's the most affordable entry in our list by a good margin, to make up for its size and power. 

Alrocketbest dehumidifier 2020 keep damp at bay at home photo 8

Alrocket Dehumidifier


Alrocket's smaller dehumidifier is an ideal choice for those who crave portability over a big storage tank, with users able to take this nifty 5.7 x 5.7 x 8.9-inch unit all over the house.

There's just a 1L tank to extract moisture out of the air, so it's not the best fit for medium or large rooms - or really humid environments - but it is handy to have around in home offices or smaller spaces. 

Thanks to the relatively low-noise operation (running at around 39dB), it shouldn't disturb you too much, either, while the automatic shutoff when the tank is nearing full means you can run it during the night.

Waykarbest dehumidifier 2020 keep damp at bay at home photo 9

Waykar Dehumidifier


If you need something for a much larger space, or really any space that suffers from high humidity, Waykar's unit is a safe bet.

It has the capacity to hold around 34 pints moisture that it's extracted from the air, while the wheeled design allows you to move it around the home or office with ease. 

Naturally, as you would expect with a heavy-duty machine, there's plenty of control, too. Users can set their desired humidity level, with the device then automatically powering off and powering up in order to maintain this.

Gocheerbest dehumidifier 2020 keep damp at bay at home photo 12

Gocheer Dehumidifier


Dehumidifying a small space like a bathroom or kitchen can be essential to maintaining a hygienic space, and Gocheer's 2L capacity device is another smaller unit that's ideal for tackling this issue.

We wouldn't necessarily recommend it for medium or large rooms, but this is a quiet-running machine - operating at a max of 40dB - that can cleverly run until automatically shutting off when the tank is full.

That ensures you can not only have it extracting moisture out of the air during the day, but at night, too.

Mideabest dehumidifier 2020 keep damp at bay at home photo 10

Midea MAD20C1ZWS Dehumidifier


Midea has plenty of different dehumidifiers available for you to peruse, but this unit - designed to cover 1500 sq ft. - is ideal for medium-large spaces with high humidity.

It has a tank size of around 22 pints, and users are able to tweak the humidity settings to their liking and let the machine maintain this level throughout the day and night.

It's not the quietest model on the market, due to its size, but the 51dB max volume will be the least of your worries once you discover the ideal humidity levels it can achieve. 

HomeLabsbest dehumidifier 2020 keep damp at bay at home photo 11

HomeLabs Dehumidifier


Another large dehumidifier comes from hOmeLabs, which is able to remove around 22 pints of moisture from the air.

Like Midea's offering, it's an ideal choice for those who need to contend with high humidity in medium or larger spaces.

The design, as is typical of units this size, can also be wheeled around different rooms of your house, while the automatic shut-off means you can continuously run the device until the tank is full.

Plus, if you don't want to empty it out every day, you also have the option of hooking it up to an external hose for continuous draining. 

Writing by Max Freeman-Mills. Originally published on 21 April 2020.