Best cordless chainsaws 2022: Chop and saw with power

Ryobi has made a great chainsaw here, with tremendous power that should see it gnash through anything you place in its way. (image credit: Ryobi)
A lightweight and really usable option, this is a great alternative from Black + Decker (image credit: Black + Decker)
We're big fans of Bosch's garden tech, and this chainsaw, which is extra-safe to use, is no exception. (image credit: Bosch)
The suppliers of so many chains just so happens to make a great chainsaw all on its own. (image credit: Oregon)

A great little cutter that might not be a chainsaw but is still a superb tool. 

(image credit: Pocket-lint)
DeWalt's colour scheme is as obvious as this chainsaw is impressive. (image credit: DeWalt)