The more you get into gardening, the clearer it becomes that you might need a veritable plethora of tools to really get to grips with taming the natural world, even with a small garden to manage. 

The strimmer is a key weapon in this arsenal, although you might know it by many names, from weed-whacker to brush cutter. It's a smart little tool, whipping around a wire that will make quick work of any weeds or overgrowth that you want to thin out or eliminate. 

There are loads to pick from, and thankfully you can increasingly rely on cordless options being available to free you from the tyranny of wires. To that end, we've rounded up the very best options available for you to pick between. 

Our guide to the best cordless strimmers to buy today


Black + Decker 36 V Lithium-Ion Strimmer


This Black + Decker strimmer tops out our list largely as a result of its powerful engine and sleek design - it's exactly what you expect from a strimmer, just cordless (not wireless, of course, because strimmers are all about the wire!). 

It also represents solid value, although as you'll see, most cordless strimmers are fairly similar in price. A high RPM of 8500, when maxed out, will also see powering through even tough weeds and knots, too. 


Bosch UniversalGrassCut 18


Bosch is next, with a dead-simple strimmer. After all, Most people don't need a hyper-powered machine, but simply an easy-to-use strimmer to take care of borders and weeds, and this is perfect for the job.

It's got an adjustable handle to make it easier to use for different people, and while all those handles might look a bit intimidating, they actually mean that it's comfortable to use without bending over. 


GTech GT 3.0


GTech's strimmer has a pleasing, slightly futuristic look to it, with its brushed finish and lime-green accents, but it's the performance that wins out. With great cutting and an incredibly lightweight build, it's a doddle to use for long stretches.

That's worth considering if you're not the strongest, or if you know you've got many hours of trimming ahead of you. 


Ryobi OLT1832 ONE+


This Ryobi strimmer has something really obvious going for it in the form of its hugely impressive price - it's a superb value option that undercuts all the others on this list by a good whack. 

A wide cutting diameter also helps with speeding up your work, and it's also nice and adjustable. However, it's important to note that you need to buy a version with the battery and charger included, which will take that price further towards its competitors. 


Worx WG163 GT 3.0


Worx has made a really solid and impressive strimmer here and impressively comes with two battery packs to let you swap in a new one if you run out of juice. It's also nice and lightweight, plus that little edge guard near the wire lets you see where your trimmer maxes out. 

That's despite a nice and competitive price, so you're getting really good value for your money. Plus, we quite like that distinctive orange and black colour scheme,  too.