Best smart cooking thermometers 2021

A well-priced and easy to use probe, this is the best choice for most users.

(image credit: Salter)
Elegant, wireless design is paired with an intuitive app experience to make this the go-to smart thermometer. (image credit: Meater)

If you're more serious about your probing, Grilleye's probes offer a lot of potential for meat management.

(image credit: Grilleye)

If you're looking for more probes at a cheaper price, Inkbird's system is a great shout.

(image credit: Inkbird)

For those using a Weber barbeque, this is the obvious pick due to its integration with that system.

(image credit: Weber)

Nice and simple, plus reliable and well-priced. 

(image credit: Pocket-lint)

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