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(Pocket-lint) - No matter how many hours of sleep you manage each night, hearing your alarm tone and trying to wake up in the morning never really gets any easier.

Tech can't yet promise to help you feel fresher in the morning, but devices like smart alarm clocks are helping to ease the burden on your body by supporting handy home automation and friendlier reveilles.

So you can pick the best smart alarm companion for your bedside table, we've tested and delivered our verdict on some of the very top options - whether that's from Amazon, Google or companies offering a more traditional clock design.

There's something for every budget, so let's dive in and help make your wake-ups less problematic.

And if you want something a bit different, do also check out our list of the best wake-up lights available, for alarm systems that will gradually wake you up with light. 

Best smart alarm clocks available to buy

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Google Nest Hub (2nd Gen)


Google's second iteration of the Nest Hub represents a real change of emphasis, with the display now able to act as a dedicated sleep tracker.

Google's Sleep Sensing feature allows the smart display to monitor your rest, provide a full report and, naturally, wake you up when you require. After a while, you'll even get recommendations based on how restful your sleep is trending, with even more detail to be found in Google Fit.

With Google Assistant, a surprisingly good speaker on board and the lack of a camera, this is an excellent pick for your bedside table.  

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Amazon Echo Dot with clock (4th Gen)


Amazon has previously included a small LED display on its Echo Dot - and now the 4th Gen edition has received the same treatment.

You get all the same benefits of the Echo Dot and Alexa, just with the added bonus of a small display for checking the time, alarms, timers and more at-a-glance. That makes it a natural pick for your bedside table.

So long as you're fine with Amazon having microphones by your bed, this is a no-brainer. 

PureThe Best Smart Alarm Clocks For 2020 Wake Up In Style image 1

Pure Siesta Charge


This is, quite simply, an awesome device to have in your home. As well as being an alarm clock, you can also put your Qi-compatible phone on top and it'll charge up overnight.

As it's from Pure, the Siesta Charge is a DAB+ and FM radio with three alarms (all with daily or single-use options) various radio presets and a Bluetooth speaker.

There's even a USB port on the back so you can charge other devices like your Apple Watch or some headphones. It's available in graphite and white, too.

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Amazon Echo Show 5 (2021)


Amazon also has a different Echo device that could work for your bedside, and this one has a bit more of a serious screen.

The Echo Show 5 is Amazon's smallest smart display, and we think it works best as an alarm clock. Alexa is really good at providing routines and alarms, and the display can double up as a digital picture frame or whatever you'd like during the day. 

A built-in camera also features, which is great news for those who crave video calling. If the thought of a camera on your bedside table is concerning, though, just know that a privacy shield is also there for ultimate assurance.

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Lenovo Smart Clock


Lenovo cuts right to the top of our list with a device that is custom-designed for your bedroom. It's a little smart display with Google Assistant built-in, but also packs a range of clever touches making it great for your bedside table.

Its auto-brightness system sees it actually get properly dark at night, unlike some screens, while having access to all your smart home commands and Google Assistant is almost luxurious. 

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Anker Wakey


Perhaps, though, you want a more traditional alarm clock experience, with just a hint of clever technology drizzled over it.

Anker's here to oblige with the Wakey, a great wireless speaker that- like the Pure alarm clock above - also has a wireless charging point on top of it for your phone, and an LED display just like the Echo Dot with Clock's to let you see the time whenever you want. We think it's really quite a classy bit of kit.

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Philips SmartSleep


If you want a light and clock combo, then the Philips SmartSleep alarm clock might be the one for you.

It uses a wake-up light that mimics the sunrise, which helps your body gradually wake up and boost your circadian rhythm. The alarm sound also gradually increases in volume, so as not to shock you awake.

It has a couple of smart features, if not quite to the same level as the other options here.

This option is all about combining the alarm with a mood-improving light. If you're in need of either, why not get both?

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Smartro SC91 Projection Alarm Clock


If you're someone who needs plenty of information from their bedside companion, then look no further.

The Smartro SC91 Projection Alarm Clock no only has a thermometer, but it shows the weather, time, and external temperature, too.

And what's cooler than a projector that puts the time and internal temperature on the wall?

It's even got a humidity gauge. In fact, it's hard to fit in how many features this clock has, and the alarm element is only a small aspect of this device.

But, if you want a wireless weather station on your bedside table, then this is for you.

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Hatch Restore


The Hatch Restore is a smart alarm clock that blends in a warm light that allows you to get a personalised sleep schedule dialled in.

The light gently wakes you up with a gradual increase of light that mimics the sunrise, which is a great way to regulate your circadian rhythm.

You can add in sounds of your choosing, too - maybe birds sounds will help you smoothly rise from the depths of slumber.

To get even more access to different moods, there's a connected app and subscription to go with it. Worth it is you're looking for some variety.

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I-Box Bedside Radio Alarm Clock


I-Box's alarm clock has a stylish and soft touch felt front, with a digital clock display neatly behind it.

It's also a small Bluetooth speaker that easily connects to Apple Music, Spotify or other streaming services.

Perhaps best, though, is that this alarm clock doubles as a charger.

So, no need to find more room on your bedside table, just put your Qi-compatible phone on top of the clock to charge it wirelessly.

Emersonthe best smart alarm clocks 2020 wake up in style photo 21

Emerson SmartSet Alarm Clock


It may look like a straightforward alarm clock, with its large digital display, but the Emerson SmartSet Alarm Clock includes a Bluetooth connection to choose your own music to listen to.

It does have a radio connection, too, so you can wake up to the sounds of the morning radio if you like.

It's also programmable, so you can set up the schedule you need and not worry about whether the alarm will go off each morning.

Writing by Conor Allison. Originally published on 19 February 2020.