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(Pocket-lint) - We're sad to say that we speak from experience on the perils of corded mowers. There's nothing like accidentally doubling back over your power cord and hearing it abruptly get sliced up to ruin a sunny day in the garden.

Luckily, you can sidestep that risk completely by picking up a cordless mower, going wireless in much the same way that we have in so many other walks of life. 

That said, there are countless models on the market, and beyond being wireless they don't necessarily have much in common. We've taken a detailed look at what's out there to rank some of the top-rated options available to you right now.  

Best cordless lawn mowers to buy today

BoschThe best cordless mowers for 2020 Wireless lawn trimming image 2

Bosch Rotak 32 LI High Power Cordless


Our top pick goes to Bosch, for its cordless monster of a mower - the Rotak line has a range of size options depending on how much grass you want to be able to store in one go. This model might not work if you have acres to mow, but for most small or mid-sized gardens it's perfect. 

It rides nice and smoothly as you push it, and gets good power from its motor to ensure that it cuts properly regardless of the height you select. It's also nice and quiet, in relative terms, and has been cleverly designed to let you mow right up against fences and edges. It's a great pick for most users and a great upgrade on a wired model. 

CobraThe best cordless mowers for 2020 Wireless lawn trimming image 3

Cobra MX3440V


Cobra runs Bosch really close with this lightweight, easily-stored mower. It's super straightforward to use and is impressively affordable compared to most of the other options on this list. That said, it's also a little harder to find now, so jump on it if you do see one available. 

With the mod-cons you'd hope for, like adjustable cutting height and an easily-emptied cuttings bag, the Cobra is a solid option for small gardens. Because of how light it is, it's also something that a wide range of people should be able to get to grips with. 

GreenworksThe best cordless mowers for 2020 Wireless lawn trimming image 4

Greenworks GD60LM46SP


This great mower from Greenworks specialises in its smooth progress - a brushless motor reduced vibrations to make sure that it's easy to push around. Plus, a smart three-in-one function lets you choose whether the mower collects its cuttings, mulches them or sends them out to one side as you mow. 

We're also quietly big fans of its looks - mower design has tended toward the bulbous in the last decade or two, but this is endearingly stripped-back. That means you'll also look expert as you test its two-hour battery life. 

Gtechbest cordless mowers 2020 wireless mowing for the longer spring days photo 6

Gtech Cordless Lawnmower 2.0


Returning to the pricier end of the spectrum, Gtech's mower is completely excellent at its principle job of cutting your grass. It'll do so without any hitches or snags and to a really uniform finish, which is just what you want. 

It's got a great collapsible frame, to make sure that you can easily store it in whatever shed space or nook you have set aside. 

FlymoThe best cordless mowers for 2020 Wireless lawn trimming image 6

Flymo Mighti-Mo 300 Li Cordless Battery Mower


If you aren't packing a particularly big lawn at all, you might want to opt for this Flymo mower, which is perfect for hidden pockets of grass. It's got a nice, compact build to make it easy to manoeuvre and is also very reasonably priced indeed, which might make it a great first mower for many people. 

You get two hours of charge from your battery, although a small grass bin means you might have to interrupt that fairly regularly. Still, at this price, it's a hard offer to ignore.  

Sun Joebest cordless mowers 2020 wireless mowing for the longer spring days photo 7

Sun Joe iON16LM


If you need a relatively budget offering that can handle small and medium lawns, Sun Joe's iON16LM is a pretty safe bet.

Naturally, you don't have the cord to contend with, and there's no gas, oil or pull-cord to start, either. Instead, this model features a brushless motor that's able to increase battery efficiency and, ideally, decrease noise and vibration.

For those concerned about height adjustment levels, there are six options to pick between, ranging from 1.18-inch to 3.15-inch.

Black + Deckerbest cordless mowers 2020 wireless mowing for the longer spring days photo 8

Black + Decker CM2043C


Black + Decker has a wide range of garden tools and equipment for you to sift through if you want to spruce up your lawn, but that journey should really begin with its CM2043C mower. 

It runs from a pair of 40V batteries, with the mulching, bagging and side discharge giving you multiple outlets for snipped blades.

It's also highly adjustable when it comes to grass length, giving you the choice between anywhere from 1.5-inches to 4-inches.

Tacklifebest cordless mowers 2020 wireless mowing for the longer spring days photo 9

Tacklife Cordless Lawn Mower


Owners of small or medium lawns are in luck with Tacklife's cordless mower, with a healthy set of features available for a relatively reasonable price tag.

Users are able to choose between mulching or bagging cut grass, with the 40V brushless motor providing a cordless experience that also gives off less noise and vibration than traditional gas-powered models.

Once fully charged, which should take around 150 minutes, the runtime should last 30-40 minutes. And there are also six height adjustments, too, ensuring a precise and even cut.

Writing by Max Freeman-Mills.