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(Pocket-lint) - Chores are the worst - there's no getting around that. As they go, mowing a lawn can be one of the hardest, too, especially if you're dealing with a big area. Ignore it at your peril, though, to avoid being overrun by a meadow of long grass before you know it. 

If you're tired of pushing around your mower for hours at a time, or a ride-on option just doesn't make any sense for you, you might wonder whether you can pick up an automated robot mower, much like a robot vacuum, to do the work for you without any effort. The good news is that you're onto a winner.

Robot mowers are becoming more and more popular, and there are now plenty of models to pick from. We've narrowed the field down to the very best options for you, to help you get to a future where you can sit back and relax while your lawn is maintained with minimum effort. 

Our pick of the best automatic robot lawn mowers around

Worx The best robot lawn mowers for 2020 Sit back and watch your grass get trimmed image 2

Worx Landroid


This mower from Worx is out on its own ahead of the chasing pack for a few reasons, but chief among these is the simplest one - price. Depending on which model you opt for, and the corresponding range of the mower), this robot will set you back only around £500 or $500, markedly less than most competitors.

That pricing is paired with great performance, though. You can expect between 300 and 1500 square metres of coverage depending on the model and can select how long to leave the grass according to preference. Plus, magnetic strips that come with the mower let you mark out areas you want it to avoid, in case you've got some prized flowers that you simply can't countenance being at risk. The Landroid is a great robot mower that should be perfect for most people. 

Robomow The best robot lawn mowers for 2020 Sit back and watch your grass get trimmed image 3

Robomow RS630


Significantly more expensive, but also extremely impressive, is the Robomow RS630. It's got smart features that stop it mowing if it's raining, to avoid clogs and damage, and can handle pretty rugged terrain easily. 

The Robomow can go for an hour and a half on one charge and is calibrated through an easy companion app for convenience. It's also integrated with Alexa to let you set a voice command to order a mowing session, which feels nice and powerful. Its quiet mode is also a nice touch if you're trying to work while it does the same. 

Husqvarna The best robot lawn mowers for 2020 Sit back and watch your grass get trimmed image 4

Husqvarna Automower 430X


This mower from Husqvarna has an interesting, futuristic look that is much more robot than it is the mower, but we quite like it. It's another expensive model, but boasts significant range, to the tune of over 3200 m², so should do the job on even really sizeable properties. 

What's super impressive about it, though, is how quiet it runs, sounding barely intrusive at all compared to other models. That means that you can set it on a schedule for weeks without even really remembering that it's doing its work. Still, though, its price tag does mean that you're paying for that particular creature comfort. 

Honda The best robot lawn mowers for 2020 Sit back and watch your grass get trimmed image 5

Honda Miimo HRM520


Honda is by far the biggest name on our list, though it doesn't nab the top spot. Its Miimo robot mower looks for all the world like a robot vacuum or similarly innocuous household device but has some great features for your lawn. For one, it can trim your lawn smartly over time in a way that apparently stimulates even regrowth compared to radical cuts, which is nice. 

It's got a great companion app for granular control, too, and different models are available depending on how much space you're hoping for it to take care of. 

McCulloch The best robot lawn mowers for 2020 Sit back and watch your grass get trimmed image 6

McCulloch R1000


We're big fans of how easy to use this model from McCulloch is - you just lay down boundaries for your lawn (as with all the models above) and set it loose. That's it, really. It's really quiet, too, meaning that it's unobtrusive to use at pretty much any time of day. 

Smart anti-theft measures are also a nice touch since these mowers must look fairly tempting to thieves. All in all, it's a really great choice if you're looking for a simple mower to get the job done. 

Pocket-lint the best robot lawn mowers 2020 sit back and watch your grass get trimmed photo 8


The SØMLØS G1 is a premium robot lawnmower from a Norweigan start-up that means business and that business is cutting grass. 

We found the G1 robot lawnmower took a fair while to set up with its boundary wire ideally requiring burying in the lawn, but once the initial work was done, this bot mows without fuss. 

We like how quiet and self-sufficient the SØMLØS G1 is. Trundling around your garden with regularity and efficiency in mind. It doesn't clean up after itself, but if it's allowed to go about its business regularly then that's not an issue. 

Highlights include adjustable cutting height, an anti-theft system, large wheels that help it navigate with ease and up to 180 minute work time. 

Setup the G1 and let it get on with cutting the grass and you'll have far less gardening to do. 


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