Best pet trackers 2022: Wearables and cameras to keep your animals safe

Our top pick goes to Tractive, which has made a great collar-bound tracker for your pets.

(image credit: Tractive)

A great camera for your home that lets you dish out treats if your pets are getting lonely.

(image credit: Petcube)

A good smart home camera that can be a great pet camera if needed. 

(image credit: Pocket-lint)

This camera doles out lasers instead of treats, making it perfect for cats. 

(image credit: Petcube)

It isn't cheap but the Whistle GO works nicely and is sleekly designed.

(image credit: Whistle)

A tracker that might not be designed for pets, but can do a job if you're prone to losing track of them on walks.

(image credit: Tile)