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(Pocket-lint) - One of the great things about the connected world is that it's no longer difficult to take charge of your body and monitor your weight, body-fat composition and more. What used to involve laborious calculations and possibly visits to dieticians and doctors can now be done at home.

Scales have been getting smarter and smarter in recent years, to the point where you can now use them to easily track your progress if you're on a diet plan, working out or heading towards a goal of any sort, and they'll often link up with fitness trackers to offer wider impressions on your success.

There are plenty of smart digital scales on the market, so we've narrowed the selection down to a few real winners for you to take a gander at. 

Our pick of the best smart scales to buy today

FitbitThe best digital scales for 2020 Keep track of your body the smart way image 2

Fitbit Aria 2


Fitbit feels a little bit like the king of personal health in the digital age. Its fitness trackers are extremely popular, and the tracking they do is also phenomenal. However, if you're wearing a Fitbit every day but want a more complete impression of your data, and want everything to feed into the same ecosystem of information and reporting, the second generation of Fitbit's Aria smart scale is a superb addition. 

The scale can measure your weight, body fat percentage, lean mass and BMI, and its real strength is demonstrated by the way it uses Wi-Fi to sync automatically to your Fitbit app, leaving you with nothing to do but step on and off it. You can have up to 8 different users, and the ease of use is superb. It really is the definition of everything you'd want from a smart scale, and we can't praise it highly enough.

TanitaThe best digital scales for 2020 Keep track of your body the smart way image 3

Tanita RD 953


If you're not embedded in the Fitbit universe, though, and have a hankering to try a different brand, Tanita offers a similarly-specced scale at an equivalent price. It has its own well-designed companion app to track and work out your results over time, and measures 10 different body composition measurements including muscle quality on top of weight and BMI. 

WithingsThe best digital scales for 2020 Keep track of your body the smart way image 4

Withings Body Cardio


Another big name in the health tracking world is Withings, maker of smart trackers including smartwatches and sleep monitors. Its Body Cardio scale is a powerhouse, with smart features like a heart rate tracker to let it take stock of more than just your weight. 

If you have a Withings smartwatch, this scale is a no-brainer, but it still makes sense if you're not in the system. Withings' app is nicely laid-out and the striped design of its scale is a little less robotic than some others on this list. 

GarminThe best digital scales for 2020 Keep track of your body the smart way photo 12

Garmin Index S2


Rounding out our representation of big fitness tracking brands is Garmin, which makes some of the most impressive premium wearables on the market, like the Fenix 6 Pro smartwatch. Its newest smart scale smart scale is just as impressive as its watches are, measuring weight, BMI, body fat and water percentage, bone and muscle mass.

Like Fitbit and Withings' devices, it automatically uploads your data to take the burden off your shoulders, and the Garmin Connect app lets you take a hugely detailed look at breakdowns of your results.

WithingsThe best digital scales for 2020 Keep track of your body the smart way image 6

Withings Body+ body composition Wi-Fi scale


You might find it under Nokia's name, or under Withings, since the latter built it, but the Body+ scale is basically a less expensive, slightly less powerful version of the Body Cardio we featured above. It's nonetheless still a great choice for those with slightly lower budgets who still want to get the benefits of a connected smart scale. 

It can sync to a range of health trackers including Apple Health and Google Fit, and is sleek and classy in its design. Given that it still tracks an impressive range of stats, the Body+ is a great option. 

SalterThe best digital scales for 2020 Keep track of your body the smart way photo 7

Salter Curve


If you're looking for a scale that can hook up with a platform like Apple Health, but which doesn't cost nearly so much as the others on this list, Salter's Curve is a decent option.

It's well-made and pretty standard on the design front, and is very easy to use to quickly get measurements. It falls down a bit on the software side, tough - Salter's MiBody app frankly needs an update, which can make porting your data across a bit of a hassle. 

Writing by Max Freeman-Mills. Originally published on 21 January 2020.