Best mesh Wi-Fi systems for 2022

Lovely design, incredibly user friendly and simple to set up. (image credit: Pocket-lint)
This Orbi system is ideal if you want a robust mesh system that's also easy to configure. (image credit: Netgear)
A superbly-priced option considering it offers support for Wi-Fi 6, though it isn't as speedy as many others. (image credit: Eero)
With three mesh adapters, the Mesh WiFi 2 will cover your home and link up older Ethernet devices, too. (image credit: Devolo)
An ideal solution for homes where you're not wanting to stream 4K video but you still want to eliminate dead spots. (image credit: BT)
TP-Link keeps it simple with this stripped-back, intuitive mesh system. It's ideal for homes that require plenty of coverage. (image credit: TP-Link)