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(Pocket-lint) - Blenders are one of those bits of kitchen kit that doesn't feel essential until you've got one.

Whether it's to help you get into a daily smoothie routine, you're hoping to make more soups or if milkshakes particularly float your boat, there are myriad reasons to pick up a blender.

There are countless blenders on the market, though, ranging from slim fruit-only options to full-on food processing beasts.

We've rounded up some of the best options available, across a variety of sizes and shapes. 

Best blenders available to buy now

NutribulletBest blender for 2020 Blitz and juice food with abandon image 1

Nutribullet 600 Series


Nutribullet sort of came out of nowhere this century to dominate in the blender game, with its quick and easy stylings and smoothie-ready machines.

This is super-affordable and impressively powerful for its size and price. 

The machine is small enough that it's easily stored, but also won't eat up space if you want to leave it out on the counter.

More importantly, its 600-watt motor will make mincemeat of fruit and most vegetables, and can be a useful aid for souping and more adventurous cooking.

Still, the tougher the processing job, the more you'll want to consider a heftier blender. 

VitamixBest blender for 2020 Blitz and juice food with abandon image 1

Vitamix S30


If you do want to take a step up, but don't necessarily want to abandon the principle that your blender should be relatively small, Vitamix's S30 is a great bet.

We think it's like a deluxe version of many base models from rivals, with a bit more control on the base unit. You get a chunk more power, too, in our experience, meaning that you can trust it to mince up a wider, tougher range of foods than cheaper equivalents.

That said, at full price, the S30 can be a little prohibitive — if you can find it discounted since it's been out a little while, that's the better way to pick one up. With a bigger container and a nice design, it's perhaps a little more adaptable, as well. 

Hamilton BeachBest blender for 2020 Blitz and juice food with abandon photo 9

Hamilton Beach Power Elite Blender (58148A)


Hamilton Beach has enough appliances to fill your entire counter, and the Power Elite blender should be a staple of any good home setup. 

It's powerful enough to crush even ice, thanks to the 700 watts of power, and pulls the mixture down for a more even blend.

During testing, we found that the 12 blending functions and five buttons to shift between, which allows you to create everything from an icy drink to a hearty soup.

Thankfully, it's another blender that's also very easy to clean after use. The blades can be removed, and, along with the jar, can also be thrown into the dishwasher. 

NutriBulletBest blender for 2020 Blitz and juice food with abandon photo 12

NutriBullet ZNBF30500Z Blender Combo


We wouldn't necessarily recommend this set for those who just want to try out the blender life, but seasoned users looking for something a little more on the advanced end should certainly consider this NutriBullet offering. 

There are three speeds, a pulse mode and an extract program to give you complete control over your blend, with a whopping 1200 watts of peak power, too.

Once you're all done, the pitcher and cups can be placed in the dishwasher, while the extractable blades with soap and water.

NinjaBest blender for 2020 Blitz and juice food with abandon photo 10

Ninja Professional Countertop Blender (BL610)


Ninja is another name that's synonymous with elite kitchen gadgets, and the BL610 fits right into that mold. 

There's a huge liquid capacity to play with, and the 1000 watts of power mean it can essentially crush anything you throw at it (possibly even your dreams) - particularly excelling when it comes to preparing icy cold beverages. 

You get the option to pick between low, medium and high power - as well as pulse mode - with the jar also dishwasher-friendly. 

MagimixBest blender for 2020 Blitz and juice food with abandon image 1

Magimix 1.8L Le Blender


With a classic, no-nonsense look, Le Blender from Magimix is a straightforward option if you want a countertop blender.

It's got an easy-to-use power dial and three buttons to control the blender itself, and well-designed blends make for an even chopping and blending action. 

One of its really nice features we discovered during testing was that it's not too loud, compared to most competitors. This something that you'll appreciate if you've owned other blenders, we're sure.

Plus, a clever cleaning setting lets you relatively easily blast away any grime left after a particular blend. 

SmegBest blender for 2020 Blitz and juice food with abandon image 1

Smeg BLF01


Smeg's kitchen appliances are immediately identifiable by their iconic design and distinctive colours, and the BLF01 is no different.

You can pick it up without breaking the bank, with some patience, and we think it's the best fit for those who want a blender they're not ashamed to leave out. 

Whether you want to blitz ice, fruit or cooked vegetables, the BLF01 is capable of it, and has a nice measuring jug container for pouring out when you're done. It's solidly built and has some smart touches, making it a real contender. 

VitamixBest blender for 2020 Blitz and juice food with abandon image 1

Vitamix 5200


This pick won't really be a sensible choice for most people — the lower-powered, consumer blenders featured elsewhere on this list are adaptable, and easy-to-use enough for almost anyone. 

If you're dead serious about your blending, though, and need huge power to back it up, this Vitamix will sort you out.

It's got a massively powerful motor, with high-speed modes that will absolutely blitz most obstacles, and on its highest settings even heated up our soup up as it was blending.

That said, the likelihood that you actually need this much power, with the noise that comes with it, is probably fairly low. An option for the enthusiasts, this one.

KitchenAidBest blender for 2020 Blitz and juice food with abandon image 1

KitchenAid KSB1570ER


KitchenAid, like others on this list, knows its appliances and has a pedigree in the blending and mixing game.

This five-speed blender is a really impressive unit that isn't priced outrageously, in our view, and could handle pretty much everything we could throw at it with ease. 

It also has a nice look to it, one that wouldn't seem out of place in a much older kitchen setting, or a classic American diner.

Its container has been smartly designed to funnel chunks towards the blades, and usefully has a partial-opening feature to let you add more ingredients while blending. It's dishwasher-safe, too, which is always appreciated. 

Black + DeckerBest blender for 2020 Blitz and juice food with abandon photo 13

Black + Decker Crush Master (BL2010BP)


The Crush Master is a bit of a dramatic name for a blender, but, still, Black + Decker's entry-level blender is a great option for beginners to try out. 

There's plenty of control - 10 speeds with a Pulse mode - to allow you to find the right power from the 550-watt motor and achieve the right consistency, and we found it a very intuitive experience.

Providing you're not trying to create multiple big cups at a time - or a family-sized serving of soup - we think the 48oz jar is also more than enough for most users. 

Washing up is also a breeze, since the blade component, pitcher and lid can all be thrown in the dishwasher.

Writing by Max Freeman-Mills.