You love your dog (or cat, or gerbil or whatever) but you're just not that keen on their hair which makes its way around your home as though it's independent. And don't even think about how annoying it is when it weaves itself into your carpet so it's hard to remove.

Not all robot vacuum cleaners are equal when it comes to pet hair pickup. So, it's important to choose the best one: after all, you won't be there to watch it at work, so it needs to be able to get on and do its work effectively without you.


Roborock S6

This advanced vacuum is a great all-rounder and is tremendous at picking up pet hair in particular. The round design with rotating brushes that peep out at the sides mean it can get right up the edges of rooms – exactly where Fido's hairs tend to find their way to settle.

But there's nowhere for pet hair to hide from this cleaner because it has such powerful suction: leave an AA battery in its path and it'll even pick that up.

Oh, and one more benefit: the S6 is quieter than many robots so it might not disturb your four-legged friend as much as it goes about its business.


Dyson 360 Eye

Like the Roborock S6, the Dyson has strong suction, so it can pick up a lot of pet hair. The company claims its technology means it can pick up particles thinner than the width of a human hair. Controls are largely through the smartphone companion app. For instance, you can switch between quiet mode which may suit your pets and maximum power, which cleans more deeply, though this depletes the battery faster. It uses tank tracks instead of wheels to better cope with obstacles. This is a pricey robot, please note.


Roborock S5

The S5 is a great balance of power and value, with excellent navigation capabilities that mean it moves fast and with great efficiency. Like the S6, it includes a mopping capability – something that may be especially welcome in a home with pets – so that it can wet the floor and then mop it dry as it goes. It's smart enough to know whether it's in the middle of the room or at the side and can increase the speed of the side brushes when at the edge of a room to pick up more dust: ideal for pet hair.


Neato Botvac D750

Although it's far from cheap, the Botvac D750 is designed specifically for homes with pets. It moves fast, navigates well and has features designed with your pet in mind. The suction is designed to deal with pet dander and this model comes with a spiral combo brush specifically designed for pet hair and works on every surface. As with some other robot vacuums, you can set virtual barriers so that the vacuum cleaner doesn't, for example, go anywhere near where your pet's food bowl sits.


Roomba 980

The Roomba has an automatic sensor to increase suction on a tricky surface like a rug. The Roomba is quite low-slung so it can go under a lot of low furniture, though it's not as good at climbing over obstacles as the Dyson and Roborock S6 – 1.8cm is its maximum climb against 2cm on the Roborock S5 and S6. Carpet cleaning is especially good thank to the way it automatically increases the power when it spots it's on a carpet, reducing power again when it's back on a hard floor.