(Pocket-lint) - Like washing machines and dishwashers, ovens have seen huge tech developments over the last few years. In the past, ensuring you got the perfect roast chicken would have been very much down to you. These days, most ovens will do it all for you except put your dish in and take it out.

The best smart cookers come with numerous features, from sensing the weight of a joint of meat and adjusting the settings accordingly, to offering multiple cooking options across all types of food from pizza to cakes. Some smart cookers even offer touchscreen doors and built-in cameras, while others allow you to simultaneously cook at two different temperatures.

Here are some of the best smart ovens available to make cooking easier.

Our pick of the best smart ovens to buy today


Hoover Vision


The Hoover Vision oven has a touchscreen door that allows you to adjust settings nice and easily. It is a multifunctional model, delivering a range of cooking options from starters to desserts and it offers a pyrolytic function too.

What's perhaps most exciting about this oven, however, is it has a built-in HD camera inside that lets you check on that roast chicken without having to open the door. It also connects to the Hoover Wizard app where you can watch recipe videos, save favourites and watch your food cook at the same time.


Bosch Serie 8 HRG6769S6B


The Bosch Serie 8 HRG6769S6B has a good-sized capacity, along with multifunctional programmes, taking some of the guesswork out of cooking. A 4D hot air system uses a rotating fan to circulate heat on every shelf and there is a pyrolytic function too, meaning cleaning is a breeze.

This Bosch oven also has Wi-Fi so it will connect to the Bosch Home Connect app, allowing you to control some functions through your smartphone or tablet.


Samsung Chef Collection NV73J9770RS


The Samsung Chef Collection NV73J9770RS oven is a multifunctional oven like most others on this list and it also comes with a pyrolytic cleaning function, reducing food residue to ash, requiring just a wipe rather than a scrub.

This model also uses Gourmet Vapour Technology to add moisture to your meals, and it connects to Wi-Fi too, delivering some functionality through your smartphone or tablet.


Siemens IQ 700


The Siemens IQ 700 is a multifunctional oven, with numerous programmes from pizza to roasting joints. It has a rotating fan to cook evenly over four shelves, like the Bosch option a little further up this list.

This Siemens oven is Wi-Fi connected and it also comes with an self-cleaning function that burns food residue to ash to wipe away, like the pyrolytic functionality on many of the ovens mentioned in this feature. There is also a plate warming function.


Neff Slide and Hide B47CR32N0B


This Neff Slide and Hide oven is a multifunctional oven with various programmes, but it also offers CircoTherm Technology to circulate hot air evenly across every shelf without flavour transfer. 

It isn't Wi-Fi connected like some others on this list, but this Neff oven has the Slide and Hide door that tucks away beneath the oven so it doesn't get in the way when putting things in and out of the oven.


Miele Discovery H2265B


This multifunctional Miele oven offers precise temperature control, maintaining the temperature you set to within one-degree, rather than 10-degrees like some other ovens.

Catalytic liners are inside to absorb grease and you can also set the electronic timer to turn the oven off once your food is ready. Like many Miele products, this oven has also been tested to the equivalent of 20-years of use so it should last a while.


Smeg Classic SF6390XE


The Smeg Classic SF6390XE is a multifunctional oven offering various cooking options, from roasts to bread, and it also has a grease-proof enamel coating on the inside to prevent food stains from sticking.

It has a decent capacity, even if not as large as some others on this list and it also has an electronic programmable timer that you can set to turn off when your food is ready.


Samsung Prezio Dual Cook NV70F5787LB


The Samsung Prezio Dual Cook oven has a couple of clever features on board, including catalytic over liners to absorb grease and smooth telescopic runners on the shelves to make them glide easier.

The smartest feature is the Dual Cook functionality though. This oven has a special removable shelf to create two oven spaces in one, each with its own temperature. It means you can simultaneously cook a roast chicken at 180-degrees in one section and chocolate pudding at 160-degrees in the other section, for example.


Hoover Vogue HOAZ7173IN


This multifunctional oven from Hoover has a generous capacity, whilst also offering a grease-proof enamel interior so cleaning is nice and simple with a quick wipe of a cloth.

The Hoover Vogue HOAZ7173IN is significantly cheaper than the other Hoover model on this list, and while it doesn't offer the built-in camera, it does connect to the Hoover Wizard app, allowing you some control through your smartphone and tablet.

Writing by Britta O'Boyle. Editing by Max Freeman-Mills.