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(Pocket-lint) - Dishwashers are fabulous appliances. They not only save you from hours of washing up, but it's claimed they actually save water doing it compared to washing everything by hand. Like washing machines, dishwashers have come on leaps and bounds since they first arrived.

Many now have several smart features, some of which save water and energy, while others are convenience features like delay starts and app control. Here are some of the smartest dishwashers available with a brief rundown of their smart functions.

Sharpbest smart dishwashers photo 13

Sharp QW-NA26F39DW


This is Sharp's latest and greatest dishwasher, and it's packed with welcome features. For one, Sharp's IntelliWash system intelligently changes the temperature and speed of a wash to suit the load you've got in it. 

With two shelves to fill, you can also use an EcoWash setting to save the most power, while a Dual ProWash setting will power through even the toughest grime. It's got a great drying system as well to make unloading easier, and a bacteria-killing hygiene system to round it all off. 

BoschBest Smart Dishwashers image 2

Bosch Serie 8 SMS88TW06G


This Bosch Serie 8 SMS88TW06G dishwasher is the priciest dishwasher featured on this list but it offers a height-adjustable top rack, along with a 60-minute quick wash.

This model also has PerfectDry technology. This technology uses special minerals inside the machine to absorb water from the air to create heat, which in turn thoroughly dries dishes and plastic quickly.

AO.comBest Smart Dishwashers image 3

Smeg 50's Retro DF13FAB3CR


The Smeg 50's Retro DF6FABRD is another of the more expensive dishwashers on this list, but it is the only one in this feature that will brighten up your kitchen with a splash of colour.

This dishwasher also offers a 27-minute quick wash and it comes with a planetarium water jet system, which works by spraying water from multiple points on a spinning arm for a complete 360-degree clean.

AO.comBest smart dishwashers image 7

Samsung DW60M6050FS


This Samsung dishwasher has a 30-minute quick wash and it also comes with a cutlery tray at the top, keeping your knives, forks and spoons nice and organised.

It is Anti-Flood like the others on this list and it also has a hygiene rinsing function that increases the temperature of the final rinse to 70-degrees, giving your dishes a more hygienic, thorough clean. Colour options include white and stainless steel.

AO.comBest Smart Dishwashers image 4

Miele G6620SC


This Miele dishwasher has been tested for the equivalent of 20-years use so it should serve you and your dishes well. There is a Perfect GlassCare programme that adapts the water quality to give fragile items like champagne flutes a thorough but gentle clean.

You'll also find an AutoOpen drying feature that sees the door automatically open slightly at the end of a cycle, letting fresh air circulate inside so dishes are left completely dry.

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Whirlpool WFC3C24PUK


The Whirlpool WFC3C24PUK dishwasher comes with the company's 6th Sense Technology, which uses sensors to detect how dirty your plates are to adjust the settings accordingly, using only the time, energy and water that is actually necessary.

This model also offers a feature called PowerClean Pro that uses additional, powerful jets to reach every corner of the machine, ensuring everything is thoroughly washed inside.

AO.comBest smart dishwashers image 9

Hotpoint HFO3C22WF


This Hotpoint dishwasher will switch off if it detects a leak so it won't flood your kitchen like others on this list, and it has a 30-minute quick wash, which is great for when you're in a rush.

It also comes with a 3D Zone Wash feature, which allows you to place cookware such as a casserole dish, in a specific basket and the dishwasher will focus 40 per cent more cleaning power on that area to remove burnt-on food.

Writing by Britta O'Boyle. Editing by Max Freeman-Mills.