Best smart washing machines 2022: The technology changing the way we clean our clothes

Miele makes some of the finest washers around and the WSG663 is no exception. With automatic detergent dosing and plenty of smarts, we think it's a top choice. (image credit: Miele)
The Samsung Series 6 is a winner thanks to its great SmartThings integration, superb styling and clever Ecobubble tech. (image credit: Samsung)
The Bosch Serie 8 needs little introduction, this model adds a lot of smart features to one of the most reputable washers around. (image credit: Bosch)
A combination of low outright cost and highly efficient design make the Hoover H-Wash 500 hard to beat. (image credit: Hoover)
The Candy Smart Pro is a solid choice thanks to a great blend of affordability and features. (image credit: Candy)