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(Pocket-lint) - Household chores like ironing, washing and vacuuming are never particularly enjoyable, we think you'll agree. In fact, most people hate them and the few that might enjoy them are probably getting paid to do so.

Don't worry though, there is something that could make your life a little easier and make one of these three chores a little more fun – a robotic vacuum cleaner.

These little smart bots are designed to ease the misery of household cleaning. They cannot replace the traditional vacuum cleaner in terms of cleaning power, but regularly scheduled cleaning with these bots often results in a satisfactory clean and keeps your house looking far more presentable. 

We're running down the very best robot vacuums we've seen, all in order to help you with your purchasing decision.

Best Robot Vacuum

  1. Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra
  2. iRobot Roomba S9+
  3. Roborock S6
  4. Neato Robotics Botvac D7
  5. Dyson 360 Heurist

Best Robot Vacuum: Our Top Pick

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Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra



  • Intelligent room navigation and obstacle avoidance
  • Incredibly low maintenance
  • Highly customisable settings
  • Superbly convenient cleaning


  • The dock is massive and needs placement with purpose
  • Undeniably pricey

Robot vacuums are designed to make household chores that little bit easier and the Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra does this with gusto. 

Purchased with its accompanying self-emptying dock, this robot vacuum cleaner will not only vacuum (and mop) your home, but will also empty and clean itself when it's finished.

The huge dock not only works to charge the bot, but also to empty its dustbin, wash its mop and prepare it for the next cleaning session. 

This makes automated cleaning even more convenient and pleasant. With superb cleaning capabilities, excellent obstacle avoidance skills and much more besides, the S7 MaxV Ultra is well worth a look. 

Robot vacuum cleaners we also recommend

There are a lot of other robot vacuum cleaners out there with wildly different price tags, features and specs. We've tried a lot of them over the last few years and the following are others we'd also recommend considering. 

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iRobot Roomba S9+



  • Automatic dirt disposal to larger bin
  • Fantastic cleaning capabilities
  • Excellent mapping system
  • Handles various floor types brilliantly
  • Good battery life


  • Expensive
  • Clean Base auto dirt-disposal bin is quite large
  • Not the quietest
  • Occasionally can get stuck

The iRobot Roomba S9+ is a premium robot vacuum cleaner from perhaps the most well-known name in the business. As you'd expect that means you get a range of features including automatic dirt disposal, intelligent home mapping and plenty of clever features. 

It has a smart mapping feature that lets you set specific rooms to clean and even automatically boosts suction on carpet while also having an Anti-Allergen System on board.

We found this bot delivered excellent cleaning performance and plenty of convenient features too. 

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Roborock S6 Robot Vacuum cleaner



  • Superb cleaning capabilities
  • Excellent intelligent mapping system
  • Multiple control settings
  • Improved self-cleaning design
  • Affordable price tag


  • Occasional issues with timers going wrong

The Roborock S6 Robot Vacuum cleaner is another offering from Roborock which really delivers the goods. 

This bot is more than capable of impressive cleaning results throughout the home. Its intelligent mapping system is one of the best we've seen and it is remarkably easy to use and customise. The result is a bot that works for you, with very little hassle and plenty of customisation options. 

All told, the Roborock S6 is one of our favourite robot vacuum cleaners. We wholeheartedly recommend this robot vacuum cleaner to anyone looking to add some automated cleaning to their home and it's also a lot less cash than you'll have to pay out for some of the big-name brands' competitors.

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Neato Robotics Botvac D7



  • Flat-fronted design helps it get close to the edges
  • Multi-floor capable
  • Superb cleaning power


  • Not as easy to setup as some other bots

We had some setup troubles, but there's no denying that the Neato Robotics Botvac D7 Connected is a class act and once setup, the app is very simple to use whether setting regular cleaning times or just telling the cleaner to start.

The virtual no-go lines work well and the D7 is at home on all floor types. It's also very flat so it can go under most furniture. The D7 doesn't have the screen of the older and cheaper Neato Connected model, but it's easy to set off without the app and you'll get a cleaning map after it's finished through the app.

There's an eco mode on board too and the D7 allows mapping of multiple floors, with the possibility of purchasing extra charging base stations. The intelligent mapping system not only includes the ability to add no-go lines to each floor but also supports "Quick Boost" charging mode to help the robot dock for extra juice mid-clean.

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Dyson 360 Heurist



  • Impressive suction power results in superb cleaning ability
  • Straightforward controls - physical / in app / Alexa voice
  • Capable tank tracks help avoid obstacles being a problem


  • Often has to return to dock during cleans
  • Not immune from getting stuck
  • Tall - so won't fit under everything
  • Small dustbin

The Dyson 360 Heurist is a distinctly Dyson device through and through. It immediately strikes thanks to a big, bold, blue design, powerful suction and impressive smarts too. 

This robot's cameras and sensors allow it to easily navigate around the home while it cleans and it's supported by a powerful and detailed app that includes plenty of functionality. 

The Dyson 360 Heurist is taller than other bots due to the inclusion of Dyson's Radial Root Cyclone technology. This means it can't slip easily under furniture but it has some seriously impressive suction capabilities. 

Despite that, it's still one of the best robot cleaners we've seen. It does, however, come with quite a hefty price tag - as you'd expect from a Dyson product.  

Other products we considered

When trying to figure out the best robot vacuum cleaner to use around the home, we tested a number and looked at a good selection of the very best around. 

We spent hours testing the devices in real-world scenarios. This obviously meant dealing with all the problems a normal family would have to, including using these robot vacuums with pets and children around the house. We tested mess and spills, tried out the different suction and cleaning settings and put these bots to the test daily. 

We consider a range of factors when it comes to recommending devices - and also when a new device enters our top five selections. We don't just factor in our own testing, either, but also consumer reviews, brand quality and value, too.

In all of our roundups, there are also many products we test that don't make the final cut. Since they may be the right fit for some people, however, we've listed them below.

More about this story

Every robot vacuum in this list has been tested in real-life situations, just as you would use them in your day-to-day life. When you purchase a robot vacuum cleaner you want to be sure it can do the job. Not just cleaning your home well, but continue to reliably to do so, sometimes day-in, day-out for a long time to come.

We've tested to make sure these bots are up to the task. We've lived with them and tested them on multiple surfaces, with all manner of dirt, dust and debris. We've also put them through their paces working with a family living in the same house. 

We've also tested all the settings including the various smart mapping and obstacle avoidance settings. We've considered it all in our reviews and in our testing in order to come up with this list. 

In all of our buyer's guides, including this one, we tend to skip over the spec comparisons and marketing spiel; we just want to provide an easy to understand review that gives you an idea of what it's going to be like to use.

Our verdicts are concise, but this is in the interest of brevity - rest assured all the things on this list have been fully tested. You can also check out our cameras reviews section for more in-depth coverage of all the top devices. 


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