Best smart bathroom devices 2022: Top mirrors, speakers and scales to help elevate your space

Ultimate Ears provides another waterproof speaker that helps bring the party to your bathroom.

(image credit: Ultimate Ears)

Singing in the shower just got easier with this speaker-packing showerhead.

(image credit: Kohler)

This affordable, connected smart scale is ideal for Fitbit users.

(image credit: Fitbit)

Add some smart lighting to your mirror with this beautiful option from Philips Hue.

(image credit: Philips Hue)

The smartest light you can place in the bathroom - ideal for adding warm and cool tones to your space.

(image credit: Signify/Philips Hue)

An elite smart scale that gives users complete body composition analysis.

(image credit: Withings)

Kohler's beautifully designed smart mirror blends into your bathroom and offers excellent lighting and sound.

(image credit: Kohler)