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Sharp GX20
4.0 stars Sharp GX20 By Stuart Miles

Sharp’s GX20 is the latest version of the popular GX10 model, with a bigger screen, better camera and more improved keypad. We make some calls to see if Sharp has finally cracked the problems that plagued the GX10. It must be hard developing a phone... Read more

Olympus E-1 digital SLR camera
4.0 stars Olympus E-1 digital SLR camera By Charlie Brewer

Late 2003 saw an explosion in the professional end of the digital camera market with all the major players releasing digital SLR's. Olympus approached the project with a slightly different angle, instead of adapting an existing SLR frame to the digital... Read more

Palm Zire
4.0 stars Palm Zire By Stuart Miles

Palm hope that its entry level PDA - the Palm Zire - will easily allow new users to have an electronic organiser without spending a lot of money, and with a price tag of just £59 it looks like it will certainly be able to do that. PDA’s can be a good... Read more

Palm Tungsten C
4.5 stars Palm Tungsten C By Stuart Miles

While the Tungsten W offers GSM connectivity, the Tungsten C offers Wi-Fi for the PDA user that needs to stay in touch on the move, around the house or in the office. A slightly chunky design, the Tungsten C sports a bright, large colour screen, a miniature... Read more

Creative MuVo2
3.0 stars Creative MuVo2 By Stuart Miles

Creative hopes its latest MP3 player - the Muvo2 will offer a serious challenge to Apple’s iPod Mini. We don the headphones to find out whether Creative has what it takes to challenge the market leader. At first MP3 players were very small, four or... Read more

TerraTec Cameo 400 AC mobile
4.0 stars TerraTec Cameo 400 AC mobile By Stuart Miles

Creating movies is now something we can all do. Even Hollywood blockbusters are edited on Macs these days where the producers can't afford AVID. Terratec has decided to offer mobile users the chance to get a piece of the action and edit their home movies... Read more

Panasonic X70
3.0 stars Panasonic X70 By Stuart Miles

Apart from Nokia and perhaps Ericsson, phones are becoming rather bland. Bland in that they are not only grey, but are all starting to look the same. Panasonic's latest phone the x70 unfortunately suffers from the same fate. Following on from the GD87,... Read more

Corel Graphics Suite 12
4.5 stars Corel Graphics Suite 12 By Stuart Miles

Corel Graphics Suite 12 gives you three main applications for your money; CorelDRAW for graphics, illustrations, and page layout, Corel R.A.V.E for motion-graphics creation and Corel Photo-Paint for photo editing as well as a couple of extra elements... Read more

The Hobbit - PS2
1.0 stars The Hobbit - PS2 By Chris Hall

With Lord of the Rings being just about the biggest thing in the entertainment universe at the moment it is of little surprise that The Hobbit, that endearing novel which gave life to all things Middle Earth, has got some more attention. The Hobbit is... Read more

My Street - PS2
0.0 stars My Street - PS2 By Chris Hall

Since games began, there have always been compendiums, and My Street is like a virtual compendium for the PS2, a compendium of games you'd expect to see on an Atari in the mid-80s. Set in a funky chirpy 'neighbourhood', you get to choose, or custom design,... Read more

Apple iPod Mini
4.0 stars Apple iPod Mini By Stuart Miles

Not content with being the number one Christmas gift of 2003, Apple has taken the technology of its large hard drive based machines and created an iPod Mini - a 4Gb device that can hold in the region of 800-1000 songs. The device, measuring a mere .5”... Read more

Nokia 7600
4.5 stars Nokia 7600 By Stuart Miles

Nokia’s latest phone is its first venture into the wonderful world of 3G, it might be lighter than anything else out there, but without the support of UK 3G operator 3, you won’t be able to get all of 3’s services. But does this make the 7600 a... Read more

Olympus Mju 300
4.5 stars Olympus Mju 300 By Stuart Miles

With every camera manufacturer still trying to find a product that will match up to the success of the Canon Ixus range, Olympus has launched the Mju Digital in both a 3 mega pixel and 4 mega pixel versions. Based on the hugely successful 35mm Mju range... Read more

HP scanjet 4670
3.5 stars HP scanjet 4670 By Stuart Miles

Scanners are scanners aren’t they? Not much has changed since the first versions started appearing on our desktop. Resolutions have become overkill for the average user, but apart from that they were beige slabs that take up desk or shelf space and... Read more

Logitech QuickCam Sphere
3.5 stars Logitech QuickCam Sphere By Stuart Miles

Logitech has attempted a new approach with its latest webcam. The QuickCam Sphere follows you as you jostle around your desk. But does it work? We dance like a dervish and put it to the test. In the future we’ll all talk face to face, none of this instant... Read more

Counter Strike - Xbox
4.0 stars Counter Strike - Xbox By Stuart Miles

Counter Strike on the Xbox is almost identical to the PC version and anyone hoping to recreate the same feeling won’t be disappointed. As before the emphasis is on multiplayer action. For those unaware of the Counter Strike phenomenon, originally a... Read more

Philips Wireless TV Link VL1400
4.0 stars Philips Wireless TV Link VL1400 By Stuart Miles

The Philips Wireless TV Link is a device that allows you to transmit up to four devices including television, DVD, video or satellite signals from your main television to any other TV in your house without clogging up your house with wires. Have you ever... Read more

Rio Nitrus 1.5Gb MP3 Player
3.5 stars Rio Nitrus 1.5Gb MP3 Player By Stuart Miles

The Rio Nitrus is a 1.5Gb player that purports to offer something different to the MP3 listener. Rio was one of the first manufacturers to create MP3 players and after a self-imposed sabbatical it’s back with a range of models to suit all occasions.... Read more

Project Gotham Racing 2
4.0 stars Project Gotham Racing 2 By Stuart Miles

Project Gotham Racing 2 takes the street racing away from the lanes of London and sees you racing in different cities across the globe, but can a game famous for its recreation of London racing fair as well to cities afar? The answer is yes. Originally... Read more

Microsoft Office Professional 2003
4.0 stars Microsoft Office Professional 2003 By Stuart Miles

When a product as successful as Office needs to be updated it isn't just a case of adding on a few bits and bobs. You have to impress if you expect people to want to spend £500 for the Professional version. That means Office gets an overhaul. The majority... Read more

Creative Gigaworks S750 7.1 speakers
4.5 stars Creative Gigaworks S750 7.1 speakers By Stuart Miles

The Creative GigaWorks S750 is a 7.1 speaker system for your PC. Offering one centre, two front, two side, two rear, and one subwoofer the system purports to engulf you in sound from all directions. While the speakers you get with a new PC system are... Read more

Epson Photo Viewer P-1000
3.5 stars Epson Photo Viewer P-1000 By Stuart Miles

The Epson Photo Viewer P-1000 is a portable handheld screen measuring 3.8 inches that allows you to view images a lot bigger than you can on your digital camera. It’s essentially an electronic photo frame. Having the same photo on your desk of the family... Read more

EyeToy Groove - PS2
4.5 stars EyeToy Groove - PS2 By Chris Hall

Following the recent release of EyeToy Play, the latest development for the camera is EyeToy Groove, which as the name suggests, will have you off your bum and dancing in the living room. Again, like the first EyeToy game, this is a well thought out and... Read more

Dance:UK and 8-way dance mat - PS2
4.5 stars Dance:UK and 8-way dance mat - PS2 By Chris Hall

Dancing continues to go from strength to strength in the arcades and on consoles, and the Dance:UK offering takes things to yet another level of interactivity. We tested the PS2 version with the bundled dance mat. The game is also available for the PSOne,... Read more

Sims Bustin’ Out -Xbox
4.0 stars Sims Bustin’ Out -Xbox By Stuart Miles

The Sims Bustin' Out sees a greater emphasis on not only completing tasks to unlock further elements, but also moving house to climb further up the career ladder. But is this something Sim players and for that matter console players want from one of the... Read more

Grabbed by the Ghoulies - XBox
3.0 stars Grabbed by the Ghoulies - XBox By Stuart Miles

Laid out like a comic book, Grabbed by the Ghoulies is a strange mix of storytelling and live action as you try and not get too frightened on your quest to save your girlfriend. It's a strange premise and one that has mixed feelings on the screen. Seemingly... Read more

Top Spin - Xbox
3.5 stars Top Spin - Xbox By Stuart Miles

Top Spin from Microsoft for the Xbox tries to ace Virtua Tennis, but has it got what it takes to out serve the popular and very good Virtua Tennis series. We don our shorts pick up our racket and shimmy up to the base line. While tennis games aren't everywhere... Read more

Moto GP 2 - Xbox
3.5 stars Moto GP 2 - Xbox By Stuart Miles

Does Moto GP 2 on the Xbox grow the motorcycle-racing genre to new levels or it is just a clone of the now rather old PC version? We put on our crash helmet and give the game a spin. Bike racing in computer games is the equivalent of bike racing in real... Read more

Apple 17in G4 PowerBook
4.5 stars Apple 17in G4 PowerBook By Stuart Miles

To cut a long review short, the 17” Apple G4 PowerBook is a dream toy that unfortunately doesn’t come at a dream price. We all love the gadget that gives us the wow factor and Apple have certainly managed it with the PowerBook range. The 17” - the... Read more

Olympus C-750 Ultra Zoom
3.5 stars Olympus C-750 Ultra Zoom By Charlie Brewer

The C-750 is the latest in Olympus' creative digital range to hit the market. Following on from the success of the other 100 series models, the heavier metal frame gives the camera an impressive weight to the user as well as a well-proportioned body to... Read more

Destruction Derby Arenas - PS2
3.5 stars Destruction Derby Arenas - PS2 By Stuart Miles

When we grew up playing racing games you had to do you best to avoid trying to break or even scratch the car. Destruction Derby Arena seems turns this on its head and the whole point of the game in to do you best in not only trashing your car, but everyone... Read more

Bodyglove Earglove BlueSport - Bluetooth wireless headset
1.0 stars Bodyglove Earglove BlueSport - Bluetooth wireless headset By Stuart Miles

The latest legislation in the UK means we can on longer use our phones in the car whilst driving. Therefore UK drivers have to turn to hands free kits to keep in touch with the office whilst on the road. The options available are simple; either using... Read more

UNREAL II XMP Multiplayer - PC
4.5 stars UNREAL II XMP Multiplayer - PC By Andy Lynn

Thanks to the desire to make an Xbox version and internal competition with the Digital Extremes, and Epic Megagames, Legend Entertainment created an eXpanded MultiPlayer add-on for anyone with the original disc, and American and Canadian readers can buy... Read more

Microsoft Links 2004 - Xbox
3.5 stars Microsoft Links 2004 - Xbox By Stuart Miles

Becoming an Xbox exclusive, Links 2004, sees the transition from the PC to the console. It's a strange move, as the majority of computer golf gamers are business users bored on the road, but then the transition isn't as bad as it sounds. Microsoft has... Read more

Medal of Honor - Deluxe Version - PC
4.5 stars Medal of Honor - Deluxe Version - PC By Chris Hall

Medal of Honor was undoubtedly one of the best first person shooter games on the PlayStation, and I was dubious about how I'd take to the PC version - Medal of Honor Allied Assault. We got our combat scarred hands on the Deluxe edition, including Allied... Read more

Creative SoundBlaster Audigy LS
3.5 stars Creative SoundBlaster Audigy LS By Chris Hall

In recent years sound has taken off, and Creative has always been at the forefront, offering quality options. The SoundBlaster name is one that people the world over recognise. I decided to upgrade my old SoundBlaster 16 that shipped with my PC, with... Read more

Nokia 6600
4.0 stars Nokia 6600 By Stuart Miles

Nokia has had a strange time with its mobile phones in recent months. With R&D facilities that like to create the weird and wonderful, it was with great trepidation that we took a look at the 6660. To our surprise however, the phone is probably one of... Read more

Adaptec XHUB2 2-Port USB Hub
3.5 stars Adaptec XHUB2 2-Port USB Hub By Andy Lynn

Adaptec, major player in SCSI devices, has diversified into the USB and Firewire area with ease, bringing over its internal PCI boards with the various external connectivity methods that are now taken as common place. Thanks mainly to Apple, Firewire's... Read more

Pentax Optio S
3.5 stars Pentax Optio S By Stuart Miles

Some say that small is beautiful, others believe that small equates to a lack of features. Pentax though are trying to break this mould with the Pentax Optio S. Not only is it small - it’s the size of a pack of playing cards - but is also packed with... Read more

Pentax Optio 33L
4.0 stars Pentax Optio 33L By Stuart Miles

Pentax’s Optio 33L offers a 3x optical and a 2.7 digital zoom in a camera that resembles a standard 35mm compact. The first question you’re likely to ask is where is the LCD display and viewfinder? The later has been disregarded just like latest cameras... Read more

Pentax Optio 230 digital camera
3.5 stars Pentax Optio 230 digital camera By Stuart Miles

While most camera manufacturers are ploughing on with the neverending quest of creating the biggest most powerful digital camera in the world, Pentax has taken a different approach and produced an affordable 2.1 megapixel camera for under £300. Shipping... Read more

Oregon Scientific I-Cam
3.5 stars Oregon Scientific I-Cam By Stuart Miles

Styled like the Pentax Optio S, this fixed focus 2mp camera from Oregon Scientific offers a lot on the style front. Slim and compact and thinner than a pack of playing cards, the camera features a 1.5” LCD display and the usual array of buttons to access... Read more

Ricoh Caplio G3
4.0 stars Ricoh Caplio G3 By Stuart Miles

Sharing the same name as one of the most popular Canon cameras, this Ricoh version isn’t the all-powerful number that its namesake suggests. Instead the Caplio G3 is a entry level three mega pixel camera that offers a host of options and a very fast... Read more

Sony DSC-P72
4.0 stars Sony DSC-P72 By Stuart Miles

This 3.2 megapixel camera from Sony is long in shape, has plenty of rubber grips and comes with a weight that is comfortable but leaning to heavy. Powered by two Sony Cyber-Shot rechargeable "Stamina" AA batteries and saving your images to a 16Mb MemoryStick... Read more

Nikon Coolpix SQ
3.0 stars Nikon Coolpix SQ By Stuart Miles

The Nikon Coolpix SQ breaks from the usual mould of digital cameras from Nikon. For starters it comes with a docking station. Secondly it's square in shape and thirdly the lens can be rotated by 90 degrees in both directions. On the outset this gives... Read more

Nikon Coolpix 3100
4.0 stars Nikon Coolpix 3100 By Stuart Miles

While the product images of the Nikon Coolpix 3100 make it out to be larger than most 3 mega pixel digital cameras on the market, in the hand it is very small and compact. Small enough to fit comfortably in the hand, the camera has gone through a detailed... Read more

Nikon Coolpix 2100
4.0 stars Nikon Coolpix 2100 By Stuart Miles

The Nikon 2100 is virtually identical to the Nikon 3100 bar a few inter details. The first is that it is only a 2 mega pixel variant. It therefore suffers from the same problems that the 3100 has in the design. Small enough to fit comfortably in the hand,... Read more

Kodak EasyShare DX4530
4.0 stars Kodak EasyShare DX4530 By Stuart Miles

Kodak’s five mega pixel camera in its EasyShare range is an interesting one. On the one side, you have a camera range aimed at beginners and on the other you’ve got a mega pixel count that is normally found in high end larger models. Kodak’s DX4530... Read more

Kodak EasyShare DX6490
4.0 stars Kodak EasyShare DX6490 By Stuart Miles

The DX6490 brings a new face to the Kodak EasyShare range. It’s been restyled, bigger, bolder and more impressive that any other camera in the range. If Kodak follows this route then they’ll have a very good camera range on their hands. The main selling... Read more

Kodak Easyshare DX6440
3.5 stars Kodak Easyshare DX6440 By Stuart Miles

This 4 mega pixel compact camera from Kodak, which sits comfortably in the hand, isn't the lightest camera on the block (weighing 220g), but the combination of brushed steel and plastic makes for an interesting approach for a casing. The outside sees... Read more