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A gama iPad Pro da Apple é repleta de super tablets que possuem tanta funcionalidade que são bastante capazes como o seu computador principal se você quiser (especialmente quando modelos mais recentes são combinados com o novo teclado mágico).

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Dito isso, eles também são muito caros - o tipo de tablet que você pode usar um pouco cautelosamente, desconfiado dos riscos associados ao uso, já que uma queda ou golpe acidental pode amassá-lo ou arranhá-lo.

É por isso que reunimos alguns dos melhores estojos para iPad Pro do mercado para você navegar, para que, se você tiver um novo tablet para proteger, tenha a melhor proteção para escolher. Esses casos devem estar disponíveis para as variantes de 11 e 12,9 polegadas, mas diremos se esse não é o caso de nenhum deles.

Nossa escolha dos melhores estojos para iPad Pro para comprar hoje


Apple Smart Folio


Regardless of what size or type of iPad you're using, there's a good chance that Apple's own covers are the most likely case to work for you, and the iPad Pro is no different - its Smart Folio cases are really great. You get a shell around the iPad itself, as well as a folding cover.

That'll automatically wake the tablet when you open it, as well as sleeping it when you close, and also lets you arrange the tablet for viewing at different angles on surfaces. It's a design that's proven hugely popular over the years, and is still the best pick available for most people.


Teclado Apple Magic


Apple's introduced a whole new world with the recent addition of trackpad support to iPad OS, and is the first on the scene for obvious reasons, with the extremely impressive Magic Keyboard attachment. It'll turn your iPad Pro into effectively a hybrid laptop, great for working on and able to handle most tasks.

That said, it's massively expensive and many people will question the wisdom of buying it rather than just having separate devices. There are also no function keys. That's for you to decide, but if you're looking to add a trackpad to your iPad Pro this is the best you'll get at the moment. 


Capa Otterbox Defender


For more serious protection, you might want to look away from Apple's own stylish efforts. Otterbox's Defender case is about as rugged as they come, and while it isn't particularly cheap, you'll get a reassuring degree of cushioning from it.

It's got a fairly clean, business-like look, too, and can accommodate an Apple Pencil nicely. While it might be a little chunky for some people's tastes, it's a great way to make sure that a drop isn't fatal to the looks or functions of your tablet. 


Casemade Smart Folio


Perhaps you're looking for something a little more.. timeless, though. Casemade's leather folio case is a lovely little clip-on case for your iPad Pro that's soft to the touch and does a solid job of disguising the sheer techiness of the device.

It's also got the option to fold into a stand, as pictured above, which is important for being actually useful, making it a great choice for anyone looking for a nice, affordable leather case.


Estojo leve para penas UAG


Returning to the realms of ruggedness, though, UAG always has a certain place in our hearts for its unapologetic designs, which go hard on rivets and metallic accents to reassure you that you'd almost have to try to damage its cases.

This iPad Pro case is no different, with the addition of a screen cover and stand system that makes it really useful if you're likely to be using your tablet on the go and in non-traditional office settings. It's also really nicely priced, as a bonus.