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Eu grito, você grita, todos nós gritamos por sorvete - pode não ser o mais novo toque, mas ainda soa verdadeiro. Confie em nós quando dizemos que toda vez que ouvimos um caminhão de sorvete tocar sua sirene, uma parte significativa de nós quer correr para fora para comprar algo.

Então, sim, gostamos de sorvete. No entanto, não é necessariamente um hábito econômico, e às vezes comprar em lojas e caminhões pode parecer que você está tendo um pouco, as marcações ficando cada vez maiores. É por isso que tantas pessoas têm sorveteiras, máquinas inteligentes que permitem cortar o intermediário e criar facilmente seus próprios doces congelados em casa.

Reunimos alguns dos melhores modelos que você pode escolher agora. Portanto, se você está pensando em entrar no mundo dos sorvetes caseiros, não precisa procurar mais.

Nossa escolha dos melhores fabricantes de sorvete para comprar hoje


Sábio The Smart Scoop


Sage's kitchen gadgets tend to be at the top end of the price scale, but also have a history of justifying that positioning with absolutely oodles of features and super impressive performance. That's a narrative that holds up with The Smart Scoop, an ice cream maker clever enough to automatically adjust how hard your pudding will be according to your recipe, but simple enough that it isn't too challenging to use for first-timers. 

It's a brilliant ice cream maker that's easy to get going with, and will store your ice cream for 3 hours once made, in pristine serving condition, so that you can easily make your frozen snack ahead of time then get it out when ready. 


Magimix Gelato Expert


Magimix has a bit of an advantage over Sage's maker in that it's smaller and matches its performance, but we can't deny that its price tag is even more off-putting than The Smart Scoop. However, it's still a pretty stunning machine, and the fact that it can churn out amazing ice cream in 20 minutes flat doesn't get old. 

It also has an impressive capacity compared to many makers, meaning that those 20 minutes don't just make a couple of measly scoops. Dedicated functions for ice cream, gelato and crushed ice mean that you can also switch up your recipes really easily.


Fabricante de Gelados Cuisinart Deluxe


Cuisinart's maker matches the big 2L capacity of the Magimix model up above, but does so at a far lower price point, which makes it an interesting proposition in the first place. On top of that, though, it serves up really solid performance. 

It keeps things super simple, without much in the way of pre-programmed options, which does mean that you're a little bit out on your own with it, although an included booklet of recipes will help on that front. Still, for its price a stripped-back maker is very much okay with us. 


American Originals Ice Cream Maker


We know that many people won't have kicked off their search for an ice cream maker accepting the fact that they might have to spend hundreds to get one, though, and we empathise. If you're looking more for a maker that's a bit fun and easy to use, plus is far, far more affordable, this one from American Originals is a great shout.

It's perfect for kids and families, and while its capacity is only just above a litre, and it takes more like 45 minutes to an hour to get actual results, it's still an impressive option given the price. If you're looking to make some ice cream for a party or on a one-off basis, this is a good choice. 


Acessório Smeg Ice Cream Maker


Finally, if your kitchen is already decked out with great devices you might be wondering whether some of them could be adapted to the job of ice cream making. It's not as simple as that, sadly, but if you've got one of Smeg's superb stand mixers for baking and cooking, it can be. This accessory works with Smeg's mixer to give you a high-grade ice cream maker.

It'll give you 1.1 litres of ice cream in between 20 and 30 minutes, making it pretty standard in terms of capacity, but the results are impressive compared to the competition. Of course, we recognise it won't work for anyone without a Smeg stand mixer, and those are expensive enough on their own to make this a fairly pricey and niche option.