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Não há nada como um dia ensolarado passado fora com um churrasco, cozinhando comida deliciosa de uma maneira quase impossível de replicar dentro de sua casa. É uma das maneiras mais agradáveis de cozinhar e também pode conferir um sabor único em comparação com simplesmente cozinhar no forno ou fritar a comida.

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Ele também tem um lado social muito bom, permitindo que você esteja entre amigos ou familiares enquanto cozinha. De fato, adoramos tanto que compilamos uma lista dos melhores modelos atualmente disponíveis, para que você possa escolher um novo churrasco com facilidade.

Tudo o que você precisa fazer é acertar a quantidade de comida (ok, ok, é um dos grandes mistérios da vida porque ninguém comeu tantas linguiças quanto você imaginava).

Aqui estão algumas das principais opções de gás e carvão vegetal.

Nossa escolha dos melhores churrascos para comprar hoje


Napoleão Pro22K-perna-2


We're not totally wedded to it, but for our money we think a round barbecue is the most classic style, which is part of why Napoleon's model has topped our list. The main factor, of course, is that it's also a superb barbecue, big enough to cook plenty of food in one go but also easy to move around using its wheels.

It's a classic charcoal BBQ, with a nice sizeable grill to be used, and even comes with a temperature probe that will make sure you know how hot the grill is at all times. It's got a superb reputation for a reason and would make a superb addition to any garden, albeit at a relatively steep price. 


Grelhador a Gás CharCoil Gas2Coal


In fact, for the amount you'd pay for a Napoleon barbecue, you might be imagining you'd get something more like this Char-Broil model, which has more of a modern look, and the benefit of being gas or coal-heated depending on how you're feeling or what you prefer.

That flexibility is one of its major strong suits but is far from the only one. With three burners and a dedicated warming rack, you'll be able to juggle multiple cooking areas at once, meaning you could prepare a whole meal on the barbecue easily, while its cleverly-designed charcoal tray minimises the risk of flare-ups and charring if you're using that fuel. This is a pretty deluxe BBQ, all in all.


Weber Master-Touch GBS E-5755


Weber might just be the most famous name in barbecuing, and this unit has its most recognisable design. Much like the Napoleon, we picked above, it's classic and really easy to use. An integrated thermometer will keep you in control, while different areas in the grill can help you to cook your food in different styles. 

The build quality is also superb throughout, demonstrating the reasons why Weber's charcoal BBQs are so well-known and popular. If you like Weber's brand authority or have used one before, the Master-Touch is a great choice. 


Char-Broil Professional 4400S


If you like your barbequing without the fuss, and at speed, this Char-Broil is certainly worth looking at. It comes with 4 main burners and the company's Tru-Infrared cooking technology that gets things hot super quick.

That cooking tech approach means no coals, easy cleaning afterwards and pretty much zero effort on your part when it comes to getting started - you might feel it's so easy you're cheating.

Beside the burners, there's a decent enough steel lid with a temperature gauge that allows you to turn the BBQ into an oven (we've cooked pizza and bread in it) and a separate side stove allows you to cook sauces on the side at the same time.


Bodum Frykat


Of course, for many people even breaking the triple digit mark is a little daunting, which is where the Bodum Frykat comes in. If you've ever, in your whole life, used more than a few disposable tray barbecues, you could have put that money towards one of these and felt really smug instead. It's a small, portable picnic barbecue that's perfect for small parties and gatherings in parks or gardens. 

It's not fancy, but it isn't meant to be, and it's miles better than the shop-bought trays we mentioned above, cooking with more control and more evenly. Its silicone handle is perfect for carrying, and the BBQ as a whole could be a superb pick for anyone looking for a low-commitment bit of barbecuing.