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Confie em nós quando dizemos isso - aparar uma cerca viva com algo que não seja um aparador de propósito é para os pássaros. Nós estivemos lá. Um senhorio particularmente envolvente, emparelhado com uma fonte de chuva e sol, nos levou a tentar (e finalmente conseguir) cortar uma cerca inteira com tesouras.

  • E os melhores cortadores de grama sem fio?

Nunca mais. Se tivéssemos apenas o conhecimento (e o capital) para comprar ou tomar emprestado um dos corta-sebes nesta lista, nossa provação de uma tarde inteira teria terminado em um piscar de olhos, nos libertando para realmente aproveitar a vida. Esses modelos são impressionantes e sem fio para garantir que você não se enrole nos fios enquanto trabalha.

Nosso guia para os melhores aparadores de cerca viva sem fio para comprar hoje


Corta-sebes de lítio-íon Bosch AHS 55-20


Bosch topped our list of cordless lawnmowers and does the trick again when it comes to hedges. This battery-powered trimmer should be more than enough for pretty much any private garden unless you're dealing with palatial, towering hedge walls. It's got a nice long head that will trim a big surface area really quickly. 

The handles are also comfortable to grip and it's not too heavy at all, which is key when it comes to actually putting the thing to use. Battery life is really solid, too, meaning that you're unlikely to have to charge it in the middle of a job. All in all, it's the perfect choice for most people.


Aparador de cerca viva Husqvarna 115iHD45


The star of the show when it comes to the Husqvarna 115iHD45 is balance. It's designed carefully to make sure that it's easily held and indeed lofted and swung, making it a doddle to trim your hedges. It's quite a bit heavier than the Bosch, though, which is why it's not our top pick. 

Still, Husqvarna's got a great reputation for quality, so if you want a slightly higher-powered trimmer this should do the trick nicely. 


Aparador de cerca viva Black + Decker 36 V de íon de lítio


Black+Decker's trimmer acknowledges a key fact about hedge trimming - even if you're well-practised, and unless you're using professional-grade equipment, your trimmer will get jammed occasionally. It's got a handy button for just such an occasion, which gets your blades to track back out of the jam and could save them from costly damage.

That's a great little feature and is paired with vibrant colours and an easy-to-hold design to make this a really great trimmer with an impressive price. 


Gtech HT30


Gtech's trimmer is notable for the fact that it doesn't have the same hand-held design as the others earlier in this list - it's intended to default to a longer reach that makes it a great choice for anyone with particularly tall plants to take care of. Saving yourself a trip up the ladder could be a great choice, safety-wise. 

It's also got impressive battery life to go with the package, making it a great choice if that extra reach appeals to you. 


Tesoura de bordar sem fio Bosch


On the opposite end of the scale, though, if your topiary needs are actually really limited, or you don't have much storage space to spare at all, you could find that a tiny trimmer is all you need. Bosch's little kit is great for keeping small bushes under control with regular trims, and is a one-handed little device.

It's also got an attachment to keep the edges of your lawn in check, making it a useful little bit of kit on multiple fronts. We wouldn't suggest that this would be a great solution if you've got a big hedgerow to maintain, but for many of us with diminutive gardens it might be just right.