(Pocket-lint) - If there is one thing that Mobile World Congress is teaching us, it's that companies believe there is a strong appetite for large phones, big enough that they are getting confused with tablets in some cases. 

Case in point is the ZTE Grand Memo, a phone-come-tablet device that packs a 5.7-inch display and a 3200 mAh battery that makes even the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 look manageable. 

At 5.7-inches, the 1280 x 720 display offers you a pixel density of 258ppi, so this isn't going to be the sharpest take on Android you'll find out there, and in the flesh it's okay, but nothing spectacular. We still prefer the Xperia Z and the HTC One's screen quality, even if they are smaller. 

The ZTE Grand Memo comes with all the usual connectivity options such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and WiFi Direct, DLNA, and WiFi Display. There is also LTE support too. 

Under the skin you'll find that the Grand Memo is powered either by the Snapdragon S4 with a 1.7Ghz processor or by the new Snapdragon 800 and will be one of the first devices to be so on the market. It comes with 1GB RAM and 16GB of storage. It runs Android Jelly Bean. 

ZTE has applied a User Interface skin over the top of Android and that gives you a rather cute looking cube-like motif that runs through the software. That's even more apparent when you cycle through the app pages, and the phone is nippy enough not to let this animation get in the way. 

Around the back you get a 13.1 megapixel camera. The camera''s performance was okay, but nothing to really write home about, although in fairness the lighting on the ZTE stand at Mobile World Congress was harsh and not very forgiving. 

The ZTE Grand Memo is all about inches, so there's plenty of display on which to view your content. It's still a slender device - measuring 159.9 x 82.6 x 8.5mm, but just because it's thin don't think that it will slip into your pocket. 


Screen quality's and spec aside the Memo is a whopper, that is likely really to appeal to only a select few who want a small tablet, but with phone capabilities. 

If it looks a little too big, we would recommend checking out the Xperia Z, the HTC One, or even waiting for the gamble that will be the Samsung Galaxy S4.

The ZTE Grand Memo will come to China in March, with European markets following later in 2013.

Writing by Stuart Miles.