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LONDON (Pocket-lint) - We've had the Poco X3 NFC for a hot minute, so rather than pushing out opinion before we're ready to divulge the good and bad about this handset, we've setup a simpler picture-focused overview of this second X series handset to arrive in 2020.

Poco, which is an offshoot of Xiaomi, launched the X2 earlier in 2020. The X3 NFC arrives after just a six month gap, so it's predictably not a hugely different phone to its predecessor.

Pocket-lintPoco X3 NFC pictures photo 2

Visually, however, there are a number of clear differences. First and foremost being that Poco wants you to know this is a Poco - the huge capitalised logo across the rear makes no secret of that. The X2 was far subtler in this regard and, in our view, looked better.

The review sample pictured here is in the Cobalt Blue finish (the alternative is Shadow Gray), which has a bright hue to its appearance. It's a total fingerprint magnet, though, so we've had to polish the rear multiple times to get it looking cleanish for these photographs.

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We've rounded up the key features of the X3 NFC in a separate feature, so you can discover the full specification in that article. In the meantime revel in these first glimpse pictures of the phone. We'll be bringing a full and much more thorough review to this page in the near future.

First Impressions

Where the Poco really appeals is with its asking price. In the UK, where we've got hold of this handset, the X3 NFC will retail for just £199 (€220/$260) from 17 September (on Amazon and Mi.com). Considering there's a Qualcomm Snapdragon 732G processor and 6GB RAM under the hood, that's a really low price point. 

Writing by Mike Lowe.