(Pocket-lint) - Three has updated its MiFi range with the new Huawei E586 complete with HSPA+, and we have managed to get our hands on one to test out all its mobile internet goodness. 

The new MiFi allegedly boasts a 50 per cent speed boost on top of other offerings from Three, as well as another planned speed hike when the network launches its 21.1Mbps upgrade at the end of this year. 

The MiFi is designed to be fired up straight out of the box, you simply pop the included SIM card in and away you go. We definitely liked the setup process and the decision to include the Wi-Fi password on the MiFi screen makes getting connected very quick. 


Previous MiFis from Three had required you to either write down the passcode or remove the battery cover and type it into your device. This OLED display makes it a lot easier to keep track of what the MiFi is doing. You can see date, usage and the number of devices connected as well as how decent your reception is. 

The single button activation found in the previous MiFi is also, thankfully, still there.

We like the inclusion of the charging cable, it makes it easier to keep the MiFi topped up on juice and the design is relatively unobtrusive. While on previous models you have to use the usual USB plug, this enables you to just plug into the cradle. 


We have run the MiFi through a few speed tests now. We found the Wi-Fi connection to be stable and when reception is good, in a wireless packed area, we were getting internet speeds of around 6.6Mbps. This makes the MiFi speedy enough to transport around and work from, perfect for uploading or downloading files while on the go. 


Three has pretty much nailed it now on the MiFi front, short of providing faster internet, we can't see what else it can add. 

The new MiFi is available for £71.99, but there are also contract options too, that take the price down to £39.99. 

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Writing by Hunter Skipworth.