Mobile phones might be fast replacing your MP3 player, your digital camera and now it seems your satnav, however at the other end of the market, mobile phone manufacturers are still happy to make basic models that "shock horror" just work extremely well as a phone.

One such model is the Sony Ericsson J230i handset. According to Sony Ericsson the phone has been "designed for optimal ease of use, with a feature set that will appeal to most mobile phone users".

Lacking Bluetooth and tri-band support, the J230i does have what you would need to make and receive phone calls.

The candybar design is simple to use and with keys well placed and the screen offers 65k colours.

Although the J230i doesn't have a digital camera, picture messaging fans not wanting to miss out on the latest round robin can still receive them.

The only real "non" phone element to the J230i is the inclusion of an FM radio. A defacto on Nokia handsets as well. Here you will have to plug in the included wired headset to use the function - they double up as the aerial - but the overall experience is a pleasant one.


With such a small set of features there isn't much to say about the J230i apart from the fact that it works, is well built and great as an entry phone for those who aren't fussed about all the latest gadgets and bolt-ons that make phones anything but.

Expect to get this for free with even the basic of mobile phone tariffs.

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Sony Ericsson J230i mobile phone
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