For the gadget lover who has everything, Sony Ericsson’s latest accessory for its latest mobile phones is a Bluetooth-enabled remote control car. The green and white car has a footprint slightly smaller than a matchbox and will comfortably sit in the palm of your hand or your pocket.

The remote-controlled vehicle charges via the Ericsson phone charging socket and takes about an hour to do so - any more and it will keep charging until your phone has died.

Once charged and you have a 10-metre signal radius to play with from your phone and shiny polished services work best as the cars clearance is minimal. The unit is controlled via your phone and depending on which model you use will depend on the interface you get. We tested the Car-100 with a z600 and the interface was simple, however the p800 and p900 models supposedly give a more graphical interface with steering wheel graphics and gear selected.

For the confident, there are two speeds to choose from, slow - ideal for weaklings, and fast - normal speed to you and me.


While this is very cool and will show off your phones Bluetooth capabilities, cool comes at a price - £60, a rather steep amount to pay for a remote controlled car that will get stuck on the first stretch of carpet it hits. That said if you’ve got a Sony Ericsson phone and need to have the latest and most show-offy accessory you can have then this will fit the bill nicely. Expensive, but great fun - go on blow that budget.

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