The last of Sony's trio of new phones, unveiled at IFA, is another budget deal from the big S. The Xperia J forgoes the top-notch screen on the better models for a 4-inch FWVGA display - and it shows. The phone is definitely budget but still has one of the best-looking displays we have seen on an affordable handset. 

sony xperia j pictures and hands on image 1

Available in either black or gold - or from the looks of it, pink - all three are fairly plasticky but feeled very robust and nicely put together. We didn't get to see the intelligently illuminating social media update light in action, but rest assured the phone was flashing a lot.

sony xperia j pictures and hands on image 5

The camera on the back of the Xperia J isn't exactly great but does the job, as does the slimmed-down Android OS which is quick enough. Sony has kept most specs on the phone to itself, so we can't tell you exactly what sites inside, but we would be surprised if it was anything dual core.

sony xperia j pictures and hands on image 3

All in all the Xperia J feels like a nice budget offering from Sony and should punch its weight in the cheap Android phone market.

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