The Sony Ericsson Xperia Play is a gaming machine through and through, and to prove that the company is bundling five games pre-installed on the smartphone to get you started when it launches in the coming weeks. 

For those wanting to know, those games are Bruce Lee, Star Battalion, Asphalt 6, The Sims 3 and FIFA 10. We tracked them down at the company's launch event in Barcelona at Mobile World Congress to have a play.

Bruce Lee: Dragon Warrior

It’s your classic fighting game that has you playing Bruce Lee taking on 10 other fighters in “Tournament fights”, to prove you really are the best in the world.

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Tournament is the meat of Bruce Lee, although there are Arcade, Survival, Time Attack and Training modes as well that let you dip in and out of the game play depending on how much time you have. Of course having the buttons makes a huge difference when it comes to pulling off those super combo attack moves, making this an easier experience over the touch screen variant already available in the Android Market.

Star Battalion

Fantastic graphics take top billing here as you command a spaceship around distant planets blasting anything you see in the sky that you don’t really like.

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There is a storyline of course, but that’s not the point. Do the buttons help? Of course they do letting you pilot and blast your way out of trouble with ease without having to cover most of the screen with your thumbs.

Asphalt 6

Load up the game, press down on the X button and away you go. No fingers getting in the way, no having to wave your phone around like it’s a steering wheel making you look like an idiot on the train, just lazy gaming as you accelerate at 80mph around a city course.

The Sims 3

One for those with a god complex or maybe just a love of playing with dolls' houses, the extra keys don’t make masses of difference but do make it easier in the long run letting you quickly get around your house.

Fifa 10

Trying to play Fifa on a touch screen has always been a challenge. Now thanks to what is basically a Sony PlayStation controller under your phone; shooting, passing and scoring goals is a lot easier.

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We can really see this and games like this being a massive success on the Xperia Play.