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(Pocket-lint) - As more and more content becomes available for mobile users, the speed at which we connect to the Internet is becoming faster. Samsung's Z560 is the company's answer to getting online quicker.

Utilising the new HSDPA network, the Samsung SGH-Z560, to give it its full name, is the first mobile phone to offer connection speeds faster than the 3G without proclaiming to be a smartphone at the same time.

The lightweight device, which weighs 98g has a 2 megapixel camera, MP3 player, 30MB internal memory, video streaming capabilities, video calling options via a second camera and the ability to record up to 1 hour of video.

Aimed at users looking for internet connection speeds faster than 3G, the new phone, when in coverage, has the ability to download content up to four times faster than 3G - 1.8MB per second.

Not actually apart of the company's Ultra range such as the D900 and X830 models, the Z560 has tried its best to be thin and stylish none the less. Not overly bulky, but still on the larger side, the clamshell Z560 currently available on T-Mobile has a glossy finish, dual digital cameras for video calling and music playback buttons on the outside for those hoping to use the phone as an MP3 player.

Open it up and you are presented with all the usual features - a large screen and flat keypad and overall the phone is easy to use. The interface, although slightly changed for the T-Mobile interface is Samsung through and through and users of pervious models will be at home with all the beeps, noises and displays that the phone offers.

Being T-Mobile the phone comes with the company's Web'n'Walk software pre-installed and this means that webpages are automatically redrawn to be shown on the phone's screen rather than having lots of left and right as well as up and down scrolling.

Using the service out and about the download speeds were very quick, especially when we were in a HSDPA area and either connecting to the internet on the phone or a PC.

The PC option is via a USB cable and some software in the box, and after a very quick install we were able to surf the web hassle free via the phone meaning this should appeal to business users a treat.


While the Samsung SGH-Z560 isn't the sexiest phone on the market, nor the smallest, it does offer business users one key winning point over other phones around - the HSDPA connectivity.

If speed on the road is important to you and you don't want a smartphone to go with it then this is a very good way of achieving it.

Just bear in mind however that when it comes to typing in those website URLs you'll have to do it via the keypad rather than a QWERTY or on-screen keyboard.

Writing by Stuart Miles.