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(Pocket-lint) - Shaped around the familiar Samsung design, the A800 features a flip screen that protects you from pressing the buttons at the wrong time and scratching the main display.

Unlike previous phones that have tried this approach, Samsung has opted for an additional LCD display on the front of the phone. This allows the user to see basic information such as battery power, signal strength and more importantly who is calling. The phone however, still needs to be opened to reject the call, something we feel defeats the whole object. Opening the phone does automatically answer it and the handset's design means that when open it does sit comfortably around the contours of your face.

Once opened you are presented with a black and white screen and a keypad that has been sunk instead of raised. Rather than opting for a menu system as such, all the main elements are all reached via the d-pad and pressing the large “i” in the middle will launch the information service you set it up for. Vodafone users will get Vodafone Live! While O2 users get active and so on.

The phone's features are nothing special, the games even less striking and the phone offers little over the usual array of calculator, alarm and clock.

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To recap

OK for users not bothered about US travel with their mobile, otherwise this is average and nothing special.

Writing by Stuart Miles.