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(Pocket-lint) - While Samsung's Z Flip might be seen as the lesser of the Z folding models, it outsells the Z Fold by a considerable margin. That makes the Galaxy Z Flip 4 an important update for Samsung, as this is likely to be the volume seller from Samsung's folding phone family.

One of the secrets of the Z Flip's success is the fact that it delivers on that folding phone promise: it gets smaller when folded, so it's not only more convenient, but it carries those nostalgia vibes of flip phones of the past too.

So is now the time to commit to the folding phone future?

Our quick take

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 is a solid update to this popular folding phone, making changes to the design that make it a little more appealing than the previous version. But the really attrraction is the power, making this a funky future-looking device that can keep up with the latest flagship phones, so there's no feeling of compromise. Combined with Samsung increasingly-impressive updates and long support and this is a device that could last you well into the future. 

What needs to be considered, however, is how long that folding display will practically last. While Samsung tests repeated folding, there's no shortage of examples of previous-gen devices where the display needed to be replaced. But in exchange, you have a phone that feels like it belongs to the future - and will quickly draw a crowd of people who want to know more about it. 

The cameras are good, but can't compete with the feature set or performance of a similarly-priced flagship device, so there are some compromises you'll have to accept in embracing the world of folding phones.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 review: Flippin' great

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4

4.0 stars
  • Premium design
  • Lots of customisation options
  • Great display
  • IPX8 protection
  • Charging not the fastest
  • Display durability remains a problem
  • No zoom camera


Design and build

  • 84.9 x 71.9 x 17.1mm (folded); 165.9 x 71.9 x 6.9mm (unfolded), 187g
  • IPX8 protection
  • 75 different colour options