Samsung's latest flagship, the Galaxy S5, has been available to buy for a few weeks now and if you already have your hands on one, it's likely you will want it to stay looking new for a while yet. 

Luckily for you the South Korean giant has teamed up with fashion brand Moschino and shoe designer Nicholas Kirkwood to offer some exclusive beautifully designed cases for the Galaxy S5 that we have managed to get our hands on ahead of their launch.

The two cases are identical in terms of structure and build, both clipping onto the rear of the Samsung Galaxy S5 easily and featuring a flap to protect the front of the handset. This is one of the great things about the Samsung handsets in that you replace the current back of the device rather that put a case over the top of it, which automatically makes it feel like you haven't introduced too much bulk.


The cases fit the handset snugly, protecting the elements you want protecting but leaving the metal trim of the handset visible, which allows you to still appreciate the Galaxy S5's design without it being completely covered by a case.

Both cases wrap around the device on the left-hand side, meaning the volume buttons are covered with the case but they are imprinted with a plus and minus sign so you will be able to see clearly where you need to press to crank that volume up.

All of the other ports, such as the charging port and the headphone port are easily accessible and not covered by the case, while the speakers and camera elements have their own individual cut outs in the case.


When it comes to design, it will be a matter of personal preference and you might decide you aren't a fan of Moschino hearts or Kirkwood's signature Zig Zag pattern that you might recognise from the cases he designed for the Note 3 last year.

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However, if you are taken with either of the two designs, we don't think you'll be disappointed with these cases. They feel premium, as well as look premium and detail has certainly been taken into account, with both having the designer name imprinted inside.

Where the case folds round the handset is our least favourite part, as they felt a little bulky there but we appreciate that this part is necessary for the level of protection they offer.


As you would probably expect, when you close the covers, the display goes to sleep and when you re-open then, the display wakes up so this is definitely a plus point if you have a habit of leaving your screen on wasting your battery.

Both feature the stitching around the edges that we have come to know of Samsung products over the last few months and we like the way the Galaxy S5 logo and Sammy logo have been included on the front and we suspect those who want everyone to know they have the latest handset will be thankful for this feature.


Overall we really liked these cases. They looked great on the handset itself and they offered something a little extra to it without it being too in your face. The designs are nice in our opinion, although they might not be to everyone's taste, but more importantly the cases feel like they are good quality capable of protecting your new handset.

There is no word on pricing or availability yet but we will let you know as soon as we get more information on them.