We've had the new Samsung Galaxy Note since Wednesday morning, and we're right in the middle of testing and reviewing, so expect to see our cogent thoughts on Monday. But for now, how about we take a look at one of the really cool features together, namely 4K video recording?

Only available on the Qualcomm Snapdragon-powered version of the Note 3 - the Samsung processor won't do it - the 4K video addition is one of those things you think is a bit of a gimmick. And indeed we did, until we tested it. And what we found was video out of the camera looks really amazing.

Of course, there are plenty of arguments that this isn't "real" 4K to be made. And of course, the quality will be better on a dedicated camera, but for those getting 4K OLED or LCD TVs over the coming months, it's really nice to be able to have a phone that can shoot video for the maximum resolution of the TV.

We edited this on equipment that supports only 1080p, but even so we noted incredible levels of detail. Perhaps it's just that the Note finally does video that looks good on 1080p - video on phones has previously not impressed us that much - but whatever is going on here is cool.

If you've got a higher resolution screen, take a look at the video and tell us what you think. To see it, you need to change the quality settings from the default and hopeless setting and use YouTube's "original" setting. Full screen is recommended, even for people looking on 1080p monitors. We've noticed that the 4K video on YouTube has some motion problems, and that there's a lot of compression, so bear that in mind when you're watching. We'll look into other places to put this clip too, perhaps Vimeo.