(Pocket-lint) - When Samsung launched its Galaxy S4 Android smartphone in New York a month ago, it also revealed a family of official accessories that would accompany its release. Later this year we'll see a gamepad which turns it into a handheld console, which was rather intriguing to see during the event, but perhaps equally as interesting is the optional S View cover that protects the phone.

Priced around the £45 mark, the cover is not cheap, and many will look elsewhere for cheaper protection for their shiny new handset. However, the S View cover offers something the rest (currently) don't have. As well as protecting the screen and rear of the phone, there is a window on the front that shows time and important information when it is closed.


It works much like Apple's iPad Smart Covers and multiple clones that have appeared in the past two years or so. There are hidden magnets on the front that both hold the flap into place and tell the Galaxy S4 that the cover is closed. While this method on other devices simply turns them off, the S View cover tells the SGS4 to illuminate just part of the screen - the segment seen under the window.

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While plastic, the S View cover has a synthetic leather feel to it and is plush enough to, almost, justify the price tag. It's sturdy too, so you'll feel your phone is protected - although Pocket-lint wasn't about to fling a Samsung executive's Galaxy S4 around to find out.


It's padded and soft on the interior, on the underside of the front flap at least, so is designed to keep the screen from scratches and also remove surface grime in use.

Other than that, it's the window that really sets the S View cover apart, and makes it a great accompaniment to a great phone.

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Writing by Rik Henderson.