Apple didn't bother getting Samsung to remove the Y and Y pro handsets from its IFA stand - it must not think they are as big a deal as the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7, which was pulled from IFA following a new injunction.

And, if we're honest - they're not a big deal in the grand scheme of things. With 837* new Galaxy devices being announced already this year, the pair of Ys aren't going to make any great waves, but with Y standing for Young, and the handsets likely to hit the lower end of the market - we still felt them important enough to take a look at.

Pocket-lint is down with the kids you see.

samsung galaxy y and y pro pictures and hands on image 25

The Ys are Android 2.3-powered smartphones, powered by 832Mhz processors and both come packing Sammy's Social Hub and the TouchWiz UI. The Samsung Galaxy Y has a 3-inch QVGA (320x240) TFT LCD screen, and the Y Pro has a 2.6-inch one. The Pro's being smaller to make room for the QWERTY keyboard underneath.

Both handsets look nice enough and are fairly compact - but we have to say that the touchscreen-only Y felt a bit cheap and we were a bit surprised that there seemed to be no accelerometer on board.

samsung galaxy y and y pro pictures and hands on image 24

Maybe it's because we'd been touching up the Galaxy Note only moments before our Y based hands-ons, or maybe it's because we're a good few years outside the demographic for these handsets, but we weren't exactly blown away.

Sure, the kids might love the ease of Facebook and Twitter access and the, sure-to-be, low price points but with the likes of the HTC ChaCha already offering up a similar deal but in a much better handset, Sammy may have missed a trick here.

No word on pricing yet, or on who will be stocking the new models - we'll keep you updated.

*There may not actually be this many - but we've lost count.